Genz Benz Neo-Pak 3.5?

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    I'm more familiar with the Shuttle and Streamliner series, not so much this. I have a line on potentially snagging one of these amp heads (as a back-up, mind you), but don't know much/anything about it. One thing I find really weird is that it claims to run 350w @ 8ohms, and yet only 225w @ 4ohms. I would assume this is backwards, but it's on the Genz site, as well as a couple online retailers as well... The controls seems very reminiscent of the Shuttle series

    Any words of advice at all? I think it is both slightly larger, and a little more expensive than I was hoping to ideally spend. I was not at all looking for this amp, but it's on craigslist now, so I'm thinking about it. Please don't recommend me a GK amp... there is no brand of amplifier that I like less than GK! And that's putting it mildly ;) Again, considering its purpose as mostly unused backup, I am looking for small/light and fairly cheap. Should I hold out for something better than this?
  2. wave rider

    wave rider

    Jan 5, 2005
    Neo-Paks were pretty popular before the Shuttles. Later versions would go down to a 2 ohm load at 500 watts(?).

    Give it a listen and see what you think.

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    I'm not sure where you're seeing 225w at 4ohms. Here's the manual:

    As wave rider said, we converted many to be 2 ohm capable for 500 watts of output.

    This amp has a lot of grunt and punch. We woul have kept it in the line, but bassists can't lift eight pounds anymore. :laugh:;)
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    Yeah, 8.5 lbs, 15.5", x 10.75", x 3.5 " for a backup use only ? I'd be looking at a used GB Shuttle 6.0, a Traynor small block, an SWR Headlite, ( if you can find one ), or a GK MB200. I know you said no GK stuff, but I had an MB200 for awhile; it's quite a versatile little amp.
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