SOLD Genz Benz Neox 112T *reduced to $600.00*

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    These cabs are light and in great shape. They are listed at $600 for the pair or $325 each. The only trade I'm interested in is a Bergy NV115 or a Fearful 15/6/1. Hope to stay local but willing to split the cost of shipping.

    The NEOX-112T delivers punchy, meaty tone in a compact enclosure.

    The Genz-Benz NEOX-112T is a powerful, full-bodied single 12" bass enclosure designed to produce the full spectrum of bass tones with stunning clarity and it easily handles the fundamentals of 5-string basses. Bottom-mounted, tilt-back design makes the NEOX-112T ideal for high output on tight stages.

    GNX 12300 Neodymium Loudspeaker
    The bass speaker's custom-designed, 12" neodymium cast-frame loudspeaker is rated at 300W RMS and uses a 2-1/2", aluminum edge-wound, high-temperature voice coil. The 7 oz. neodymium magnet assembly is encased in a large heatsink for exceptional cooling. The paper cone, spider, and dust cap have been calibrated to deliver the low-frequency support and midrange articulation that today's bassists demand.

    • 300W RMS
    • 12" neodymium loudspeaker
    • Dual Edge porting system for increased low-frequency projection
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