Genz Benz Shuttle 12.2 Through Ampeg SVT-810E

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bassundergrace, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Went to the perfect bass today and checked out this head. I own and SVT-810E and B4R head, so I asked the sales man to hook it up to the SVT-810E they had on the floor. He hooked it up to one side of this amp into the full range input ( all 8 speakers) of the svt. It was punchy, screaming, thumping loud, not only that, I could get just about any tone I could concievably want through it including a nice broken up tube tone. This amp has dual preamps with a 12ax7 built into one of them.

    I also did some homework when I got home, and this head has two completely separate poweramps and power supply, so if one side goes into "protection fault" the other side is still fully functional. I was looking for a lightweight amp to replace my heavy rack and b4r. At like 9 lbs this could easily push two svt 810's.

    The bass I was using was a Lakland USA 55-94

    Has anyone out there heard of any problems with these little giants?

    Also I seem to be at a loss for lightwieght cabs that don't burp with a low B. My G&L USA L-2500 will burp out my 810, but my Lakland USA 55-94 does not.

    It did however burp out the markbass head and 2X10 cab I played at guitar center. Not a bad sounding rig, it just could handle the low b at all.

    Anyone played any B worthy lightweight cabs?