SOLD Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0

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    Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0. SOLD.
    Recently serviced in August by Andy ( Agedhorse) . Works great . Power cord included. This is one of 3 amps I have listed. Letting 2 go and whatever is left I will keep for back up. If your interested send me a PM and I will send you the conversation from Andy regarding what was done. A little history I thought was pretty cool was Andy thinks this may be 1 of the first 10 that were hand built for trade shows.
    There are some scratches but nothing major. There is a sticker on the back / bottom that says cosmetic B stock. Maybe was put on there after being shown at trade shows?
    I bought this from my local bass shop so I don’t really know. I’m just going off what Andy told me.
    Price includes shipping to the lower 48.

    9D35B22A-0A03-44BD-AF76-707E405A2119.jpeg 8F674C8C-2BD7-46E5-AB00-B795F447A652.jpeg E9B3C14E-B8F9-465F-8E1A-3B958276E71B.jpeg
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