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Genz Benz Shuttle 6 combo vs MarkBass Little Mark Head

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Blah114, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Blah114


    Feb 7, 2008
    I have an opportunity to get either of these for nearly the same price.

    Any thoughts on one vs the other?

    the combo Shuttle 6.0 is 600 watts. Otherwise, I would get the Markbass combo.. or the head + cabinet.

    I welcome thoughts.
  2. GassieBall


    Oct 15, 2006
    I have a LMII and a Shuttle. I personally like the LMII more. It seems more balance across the spectrum. It plays very cleanly and when I want to add some color, I turn on my Sansamp or an effect.

    So I'd recommend getting the LMII and building up from there if you have the cash. A good Epifani or Berg cab would do nicely. However, if you can't spend more, and you get the Shuttle combo (vs. only the LMII head) then I think it's a no brainer cause a head's no good without a cab :)

    Of course, my opinion has been known to change overnight...
  3. Eublet


    Jul 28, 2006
    The Shuttle combo has a speaker, so you can hear what your playing. With the LMII, you can't hear a darn thing!

  4. Blah114


    Feb 7, 2008
    Yes, thank you both.. I know one comes with a speaker.. I am saying "all things equal.." I can get a Markbass combo, for example.. I love the filtering on the Markbass, but I love the stats on the Genz Benz... 600 Watts, for example.

    It is a tough debate. I think I trust both names a lot. Ampeg is my truest love, but weight is also a big debate.. even the smaller Ampegs are weighing a lot compared to the Markbass.
  5. Red Planet

    Red Planet

    May 29, 2005
    I really know nothing of either but the GB does have a 100 more watts. Either I think are good Lightweight Amps.

    There are those that love both here.
  6. GassieBall


    Oct 15, 2006
    If you like Ampeg, the GB is just slightly more toward that side of the tone spectrum with the tube. Definitely try the MB cabs before you buy. They are very middy with less clear highs. They are great for the live mix but so-so solo.
  7. Jefenator

    Jefenator Supporting Member

    Aug 22, 2008
    I wouldn't obsess over the wattage ratings too much.
  8. rag


    Mar 24, 2003
    Robert A. Gallien, President Gallien-Krueger
    +1, wattage ratings by them selves (with out distortion, test frequency and line voltage)are meaningless.
  9. In Absentia

    In Absentia

    Jul 5, 2008
    That's interesting. I've not found any of the Genz stuff to have a particularly close 'Ampeg' sound. Everything I've read suggests that the Markbass is closer.

    However, for my money, Genz Benz is where it is at.
  10. Eublet


    Jul 28, 2006
    Having owned both the Shuttle 6.0 and the LMII, I can tell you that the LMII has more power, regardless of the apparent wattage advantage of the Shuttle. The features are different on the two heads, so this one is a toss up. Semi-para mids versus dual fixed mids, etc. The Shuttle does have some additional features over the LMII, such as a mute switch and a more configurable DI.

    The biggest difference is the tone and feel of these two heads. The LMII is warm, punchy, and very clean sounding. The Shuttle is mid aggressive with a tighter low-end, and the tube adds a certain amount of grit, even if you don't drive it too hard. The LMII is voiced very flat for a more studio-like response.

    I think Rock guys will greatly prefer the Shuttle. Gospel, pop, and smooth jazz types will most likely prefer the LMII. These are generalizations just to convey where these heads might "typically" fit the best. It doesn't mean that either head couldn't easily cross those genres if the player wanted them to and was happy with the result.
  11. GassieBall


    Oct 15, 2006
    Interesting. I can see what you're saying that GB is not like Ampeg, but I guess I'm trying to say that if I had to pick a side to put the GB on, it would be the Ampeg sound. In other words, it's more tubey, and it has a certain color to it. As Eublet says, it's more on the rock side.

    Words I heard describing the LMII are clean, warm, studio, uncolored, etc. I think this is very far from Ampeg.

    But I think the beauty of the LMII is that it's "cleanliness" can be used to play a Sansamp VT Bass and sound Ampeggy. (Ha, I like that word!) But I've found it hard to make an Ampeg sound uber clean. It always sounds like an Ampeg - not that that's bad. I actually love that tone. I just hate the weight!
  12. Eublet


    Jul 28, 2006
    While I never thought of the Genz stuff as Ampeg-like when used live, I did record with it twice, running the DI post-EQ, and the resulting tone was VERY Ampeg-ish. It had a nice grit to it that was very distinct.
  13. Blah114


    Feb 7, 2008
    Thank you all for the responses. I am leaning towards Genz Benz.. just because I like the look of it. I think I cannot go wrong with either.

    I can grab a GENZ BENZ with a 12" cab for $800.. The Little Mark + a cabinet is a bit more. Worst case = over next 6 years I have BOTH!
  14. In Absentia

    In Absentia

    Jul 5, 2008

    Great post. I totally agree.
  15. mrwink


    Apr 30, 2000
    Los Angeles area
    Depends on what sound you're looking for - I tried the markbass combo's and thought they sounded kind of boxy... I ended up getting the shuttle 6.0-12T combo and love it. I played a musical theater show with it this past weekend and it did great with everything from old school warm to phat slappy tone. I did only spend a half hour trying out the markbass stuff but am definately happy I went with the GB. And yes.. the GB looks way cooler to me...

    For reference, my main rig is a GK1001RB-II with a GK NEO412.
  16. +1 I only know of one TBer who uses LMII and Ampeg in the same sentence. Totally different vibe for the vast majority that are familiar with both.

    +1 to Eublet... the LMII is louder, fuller, cleaner, bigger sounding than the 6.0 (although I don't like the MB 112 cab nor the Shuttle 112 cab much). The 6.0 is tight and a bit gritty sounding and has a few more bells and whistles.
  17. tallboybass

    tallboybass Supporting Member

    Feb 25, 2003
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Aye, sadly 'tis true. However, the voicings are so different you'll probably find yourself loving one a lot more than the other.
  18. markkoelsch


    Sep 6, 2008
    In comparing amps, effects, basses, strings it does not mean diddly what anyone else says...it is your money and your ears. Try them out next to each other with a bass you are familiar with, and see which one you like better.

    As for watts, as others have said...without further characteristics it is a hloow argument. You need to know distortion, noise, and if you feel geeky dampening ratio.

    Just my 2 cents,

  19. tallboybass

    tallboybass Supporting Member

    Feb 25, 2003
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

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