Genz Benz Shuttle 6 thru an 8x10

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  1. For the past year or so, my go to rig has been a Genz Benz shuttle 6 thru an SWR golight 4x10. Great setup. At last rehearsal, it seemed to be rattling, so I took it back to the shop. They have a decent repair department there, and they ran it through a gamut of tests, and of course, they weren't able to find the rattle. Or anything wrong with the cab. Being OCD like I am though, I found I couldn't trust my cab any longer, as I'd always be listening for the mystery rattle. They offered to trade my cabinet towards anything in the store, as they felt there was nothing wrong with it. So I ended up walking out with a used Traynor TC 810, which is massive. I'm just wondering if anyone can shed any light on the TC 810 Shuttle 6 pairing. Is asking it to power an 8x10 too much? It looks so tiny on top of the monster 8x10!
  2. I guess there's no issue then!
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    You set up your rig and tell us how it goes. I never understood the threads asking about how a persons rig that they currently own will work....
  4. I'd just like to know if asking the head to push that cab at loud volumes is asking too much of the shuttle. If anyone thinks it'll force the head into thermal shutdown or anything. The sound is good of course, but I haven't pushed the 8x10 to gig volumes yet. I'm just curious if anyone has any input on the reliability.
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    I don't have any doubt that the Shuttle will push that cab without a problem. Its small size simply doesn't matter. If it's a 4-ohm cab, even better. (Yes, I do have a Shuttle 6.0.)
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    You'll have to push the 6.0 less through an 8x10 as you're moving more air (will be louder).

    Just make sure your impedance pairing is proper.

    I ran my 6.0 through a Trace Elliot 1084H. It was devastatingly loud.
  7. Excellent. That helps. I just didn't want to find out the hard way that the shuttle 6 can't push the big cabs! And it's a 4 ohm cab, so I don't think there are any impedance issues.
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    I also have a 4x10 Golight and for some reason one of the handles rattles like nuts! Best solution I could think of has been to always run the line through that handle to my Shuttle 9.0.

    I know you already have the 8x10 and the Golight's gone, so obviously this isn't intend for anything but maybe some peace of mind if you or the tech didn't check that...
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    My Shuttle 6.0 sounds great thru my SVT 810. Also my GoLight Jr 210 has the same handle rattle problem.