For Sale/Trade Genz benz shuttle 9.0

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    10489657-28B4-4139-A947-75E2D7CFF9F8.jpeg Up for sale or trade is my well loved Shuttle 9.0

    It’s got all the features you need like a nice di, effects loop, headphones and aux in. It also has all the power you should need for any normal show, I’d say indoors or out.

    Ive been the only owner. Everything works as it should. Some of the pots are scratchy, the master volume if I remember right. The case also has scratches, wear on the edges, and stickers.

    If I find someone interested I will plug her in and give it a full run through again. I’m open to trades, I’ve got $ if needed. Price is firm.

    10489657-28B4-4139-A947-75E2D7CFF9F8.jpeg 55471EBA-132C-4B44-A36C-1394AE92FC4C.jpeg C01A8614-48CD-4B68-9D29-DF1FF5D5899D.jpeg 761C4306-ECAC-4CDB-A4B6-DD819C67E53C.jpeg B054CC97-08E0-46DC-B929-FD8053CF1AB6.jpeg F54F8C66-F25C-43E3-9A49-293257A182DD.jpeg C23AC016-B195-4725-BAA1-F345A1D053C7.jpeg 786C144C-E9A1-47C3-B95A-51C8E05AD62B.jpeg CFF54720-046B-48FD-A7D3-3A8ADB7B2AA1.jpeg CFACCCC0-C7CB-4D22-9A7A-6FB0267EB09C.jpeg B07892FF-FABF-4F67-A239-EF47F8E9CDBC.jpeg F515882D-F10D-4A77-9F61-9B56D20C5DE5.jpeg
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  2. Thumpin6string

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    What kind of trade are you looking for?
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  3. Pill Bass

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    Feb 1, 2005
    This might be worth a road trip, but Google maps can't find "Anchormanville, CA." Can you give me a better idea of your location - L.A.? S.F. area?

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    suspect that is San Diego
  5. warwicksteve


    Jan 14, 2011
    is it still available