SOLD Genz Benz Shuttle Saddle / bracket

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  1. craigb

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    Hey Y'all,

    I purchased a local TBer's GB Shuttle 12t stack, less the actual Shuttle 6.0. I dropped a strap handle on the combo cab and happily have a nice, lightweight, great sounding GB 12t stack. But that leaves the Shuttle saddle as something I don't have a use for.

    $100 shipped CONUS, paypal & zelle OK

    The only things I'm interested in as trades are way out of scale to this but if you have a Schecter Michael Anthony or Exotic Model-T 4 under 9lbs, a second gen Peavey Minimax, an older G&L SB-1/2 or JB2 with a 'slim c' 1.5" nut width neck, an Ibanez SRH500 fretted, a Godin Acoustibass, or a Godin RG-4 Ultra we can talk.


    The four screws that held it to the cab are not pictured - I will include them if you want but they took some abuse getting the bracket off. It looks like they screwed through some metal on the inside of the cab (they look like wood screws) and to get them off I had to apply upward pressure (using a small pry tool) while unscrewing them and the phillips heads aren't real clean any more. I will include them so you can use them to compare for size if you want to get new screws for it (I need to get some shorter black round head screws to fill in the holes since they go through into the interior of the cab).
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  2. Hans Gruber

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    These things are so rare and so useful. I'm tempted to do just add this on my larger cab since I already use a Shuttle 9.0...
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    I just found one of these in the classifieds recently for my Shuttle 9.2 and it's awesome.
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