Genz-Benz Uber cabs...pricey??

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  1. I was looking on line at the prices of the Genz Benz Uber 2x10 cab and 1x15 cab each listed at $959.00!! Talk about your sticker shock..Why are these Uber cabs so pricey or is it just me?
  2. I'd like to know as well. I always thought of Genz stuff as a good bang for the buck but these cabs don't seem to apply to that notion. Are these cabs made somewhere other than China?
  3. Mystic Michael

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    Because someone at Genz Benz thinks that's the highest price the market will bear? :meh:

  4. Even super boutique 1x15s and 2x10s don't run that much...can make a fearful 15/6/1 for less than that...
  5. SOP in US retail seems to be to set a ridiculous sticker MSRP price on everything and then leave it to retailers to discount down to minimum profit.

    Here in NZ it is illegal to reference a larger than normal selling price with the discount price thereby inflating the apparent discount. In other words the "MSRP" con is not allowed.
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    The uber series isn't much different than other brand's (neo driver loaded)… check out Bergantino (discontinued), Epifani, Ampeg and so on…. of course they all are not cheap…

  7. harleyboy


    Jan 8, 2007
    Buy a lightly used one here on TB! That is what I I am waiting on a second one! Should of bought the last one but I didn't pull the trigger fast enough....LOL! Good Luck!
  8. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
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    Uber cabs are made in USA, all premium materials. But, the proof is in the sound. I bought/sold/traded lots of cabs, Ampeg, Mesa, Epifani, etc then got an Uber 212. Haven't GAS'd for another cab since, and it's been 6 yrs.
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    If you put these cabs against the normal GC offerings then they may seem expensive, but I'd put em more in the Berg, Epi, Baer category which makes the price seem much more reasonable.
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    Jan 8, 2007
    Some pretty good deals on Ebay right now!
  11. Mastermold

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    Uber 410 is my favorite 410.
  12. Bassist30

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    Have you tried the HS410 Bergantino. Amazing 410.
  13. drpepper

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    Considering the list and even map prices, a great used value. I got a decent deal on an Uber 410. Love it.
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    They were never designed to be an inexpensive, me too speaker. These were designed as a premium product for a player whose primary concern was not cost, but quality, fit and finish. They are not a product line for everybody, they are targeted primarily for the more professional player.
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    A bit, but you get good value for your $$. You could spend almost as much at Guitar Center and get something that is worth a lot less. I'd rather spend my money on something that I can depend on and will allow me to get the sound I want.

    Dan K
  16. iualum


    Apr 9, 2004
    Answer...yes. Unquestionably.
  17. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Thanks, and though I'm by no means a professional, I do care very much about my sound, from practicing my fingers, to choosing my strings, basses, effects, amp, and ultimately, the most important piece of gear, and the one that turns everything else into SOUND, my GB Uber 212. It's a monster of a bass cab, but easy to move around, and worth every penny.
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    That Uber 1x15 does sound awesome!