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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Rock-N-Dawg, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Rock-N-Dawg


    Sep 18, 2010
    Corona CA
    Anybody have one of these..if so a couple questions. One i can't find very much info or good pictures so... does it have rat fur on it or what is it covered with? does it have slide rails on the back? have a kicker panel on the rear/bottom? Looks like it just has one small handle on the top, this work very well? Are the wheels designed pretty well so it's easy to roll around? How does it sounds....looking for good deep thump bass! thanks ed :hyper:
  2. agedhorse

    agedhorse Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 12, 2006
    Davis, CA (USA)
    Development Engineer-Mesa, Product Support-Genz Benz
    Comes stock with black Ozite type high density (not the fuzzy) "rat fur" material.

    Comes stock with tiltback handle, rear slide-rails and tiltback wheels.

    Rolls around just fine.
  3. dog1


    Dec 30, 2008
    From one old timer to another. I would love to see a photo.

    Thanks "old" horse. (I'm an old dog, BTW)

    Your friend, dog1
  4. I have a 610 XB2

    These cabs absolutely kill, I would recomend one in a second! Very deep, tight and articulate bass. Very nice mids and high end as well.

    you are onto a good thing, by the looks of it
  5. PWV

    PWV Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 28, 2006
    I've had this cab for several months now and use it as my church rig. Yes on the tight rat fur, and it has 2 sets of slide rails. Its easy enough to schlep on stage. And it sounds KILLER - I had the Berg NV 610 before this one. The NV610 gets a lot of love on TB and for good reason. But the XB3 810 is more versatile for what I do with the ports and horn and I think it sounds deeper and punchier. Highly recommended!
  6. Thought it appropriate to resurrect this old thread with my experiences as there is not too much online about the XB3 series.

    I bought an 810-XB3 a few weeks ago (last new one in Europe I believe), and have gigged three times with it so far.

    For an 8x10 it's pretty easy to shlep around. The single top, rear handle could be a little wider for an easier two hand fit, but I don't find it a significant issue. The side handles are excellent, as are the rear casters and rear slide rails. Which you do need as this is a heavy cab - 130lbs.

    As for sound - I was a bit worried before I bought it that, as it was supposedly for "extended bass" - the XB bit, that the bottom end might be a bit low, woolly undefined etc. But, I couldn't have been further from the truth. I should have trusted that Genz really do know how to build cabs. This cab is TIGHT. It's just so punchy and tight in the bottom end. Really impressively so, in fact. Other cabs I've had in the past (eg. SWR Goliath 4x10) had a big bottom end, but it always seemed a bit overwhelming to me, and not controllable. Not so with the XB3 at all.
    Mids are present and articulate. Top end is not harsh, and it's easy to find a tweeter setting to get a balanced sweet top end. Oh, did I mention that this cab also has an incredible, solid, TIGHT bottom end !!! This cab replaced a Schroeder 4x10, which itself is a cracking cab. Yet the Genz feels and sounds in a league above.
    To put this in context, I play rock/pop/indie. Fingerstyle and pick, with a tendency towards "heavier" sounds. Both clean and with varying levels of dirt and fuzz. I'm not a slapper at all, but I am sure that this cab would handle those scooped tones with ease.

    I will also mention that this cab also doubles as a cat adventure playground. They will climb on it, scratch it, climb in it (through it's utterly enormous bottom shelf port), sleep in it. etc etc (if you let them .. which I thoroughly discourage). They clearly have excellent taste !

    Any other XB3 owners out there ?

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