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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by JacksonsMen, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. I don't own one personally but have played through them a bit and I would say thats deffinately a head to get. Its powerful, lightweight and has a pretty nice tone and is very versatile. Cons, only puts out 600w @2ohms though, depending on your situation that might be a pro.
  2. I've owned a GBE600. I've owned a Brand X 900 watt amp. Well, there was no "X" in the 3 letter name, but you get the idea. The GBE slaughtered it in every way. Tone, flexibility, price, and in volume it made the other amp seem like a 5 watt amp you'd get from a Squire starter pack. If I wasn't in debt up to my eyeballs, and hadn't already sold one kidney to pay the rent, I'd be all all over this.
  3. I haven't tried one, but I've heard nothing but rave reviews about them. I'm looking at getting one myself right now.

    And for the power ratings - I've always heard that they were very conservative.
  4. guy n. cognito

    guy n. cognito Secret Agent Member Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 28, 2005
    Nashville, TN
    I am a huge fan of Genz Benz. I recently purchases the combo amp with similar specs to that head and I have been very pleased. The switchable tube/ss pre is quite flexible, and I find the "shaping" controls to be quite useful. Both are footswitchable, but the unit only comes with the preamp switch. I can tell you that the power rating are conservative, and my combo with 1 12" speaker still gives me plenty of headroom, even at full volume practices. I have tested that particular head, and it sounds identical to my combo, plus is VERY light. Combine that with a GB NEOX 212 cab and you would have a lightweight rig that would handle most any situation. Plus, I have heard great things about the GB customer service. When I asked a question through their e-mail (about a $70 footpedal to control the shaping), it was answered almost immediately by Jeff Genzler himself. When I was shopping for a new amp, I compared this to Eden, SWR, GK, Fender, Peavey and Yorkville. The GB came out on top.

    Because of the switchable pre, it is capable of many different tones. When running effects or when I need a clean, modern sound, I switch over to the SS pre. When looking for a warm, gritty sound, I can switch over to the tube pre. I have gotten many compliments on my tone from my bandmates.

    I have some recordings from band practice that would give you some idea of how this head would sound. I'm playing with the band, and we were just using a room mic, but you can at least get an idea of how this head sounds in the mix. I don't have a way to post them here, but I would be happy to e-mail them to you. Just send me a pm. We are without a singer right now, so our drummer was singing. Let's just say he's a better drummer.

  5. Sako


    Nov 4, 2004
    Charlotte, NC
    This is a great amp, and that price it is absolutely killer. I thought I did well when I bought mine for $140 more -- from what I understand, with the introduction of the 750, they are going to discontinue 600. Which makes sense because the GBE line has a 400, 750, and 1200.
  6. +1

    I emailed him a question about the older GBE500H model and it was answered within the hour! By Jeff Genzler himself, no less. Try doing that with Ampeg or other company and you will grow old before getting a response.
  7. snappytom


    Aug 17, 2005
    I have one and it is the best head I have ever played thru. Some heads require major twists of the EQ knobs to get a real change. The GBE600 has a lot more tone range than any Ampeg or Fender I ever played thru. As others have said, the power ratings are very conservative. I doubt I will ever crank it up past 3/4.

    This price is absolutely excellent. I feel like a chump having paid more for a used one, but still do not regret the purchase.
  8. kinclune


    Nov 27, 2005
    Anyone use the GBE 600 with the Neo 212 or Neo 112 cab? Seems like it should be a good match. Comments?
  9. Everyone I've talked to says they go together really well.
  10. snappytom


    Aug 17, 2005
    Yes ... I have the Neo 212 and the GBE600.
    Best head/combo I have ever owned. Far more output and tone than my previous Ampeg rig (212 and 115) and is as light as one of those cabs.
    Just got the cab 2 weeks ago, will use it for the first time on a gig tonight.
  11. My experience was GBE was good one, i was bass shopping and was playing a MIA Jazz 5 through a GBE600 and their 610, where's the drooling smiley?

    I really liked how many different tones you could get out of that amp, i mean sure other amps have tone shaping, but it still has the same sound really, these amps are a real chameleon.
  12. Shawnost

    Shawnost It's all about the Hamiltons baby! Supporting Member

    Sep 25, 2004
    Huntersville, NC
    Genz Benz amps are absolutely great! I recently purchased a GBE1200 and have posted my initial impression here.

  13. illidian


    Jul 2, 2004

    I absolutely love my GBE600.

    That price is a steal, it's under half of what they were selling for new while in production.

    I've raved about the amp in just about every thread I've seen here that are about them.

    A "tonal chameleon" is the best way to describe the pre-amp in there.The power-amp the fastest, punchiest, I have ever heard. Also in reguard to the power amp, it is not lacking in power, despite what the numbers say.

    I have heard, in brief, that the GBE600 compares very well with Aguilar's DB750. As in, the Genz is at least on equal ground with the Aguilar. It's a meeting I'd love to see myself!
  14. Uh oh, get your flame proof suits out!

    If that is true, then a lot of TBers have wasted a lot of money on something they could have gotten a lot cheaper.

    I'm just speculating, of course.
  15. rontalsaurus


    Aug 19, 2002
    I feel like it compares favorably with the DB750. It's not rated as powerful, and the 750 is probably louder, but I'm talking about tone shaping and overall design. I think the GBE is more flexible tonally and I just like it better all around. For me, the power is more than enough for just about any situation, but I don't gig at all anymore and it's mroe for jamming.

    Personally, I think GBE is the best thing going in bass amplification right now. If the tone suits your taste (and there's a whole lot of variety to choose from), then it offers you more quality bang for your buck than just about anything on the market.

    The price right now on Musician'sFriend for the GBE600 is a STEAL!
  16. The GBE 750 is equal in power to the DB750, and the 1200 blows it out of the water.
  17. chuckee


    Jun 9, 2005
    Norfolk, VA
    Thanks for the "heads up" alert. I ordered a GBE 600 a couple of hours ago. Almost immediately, I got an ebay hit for a Peavey Pro 500 "slightly used" for a bit less. Always feast or famine time.

    Chuckee :bassist: lert
  18. RobertUI

    RobertUI Thumper Supporting Member

    Apr 7, 2005
    Herndon, VA - NoVa
    ... just placed my order... wanted to get it in b/c the price was changing. WOW 499, and the only other place that has it in stock was Music123 at 749

  19. peter G

    peter G

    Sep 28, 2004
    ohio's northcoast
    for what its worth:MF customer service says this is going to be a stock item. plenty of them.

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