SOLD Genzler Re/Q

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    Mar 28, 2020
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    Price is obo.
    Genzler Re/Q eq and HPF/LPF pedal. Includes original box. Added additional photos.
    Trades +\-$:
    Jam bass pedals: Rattler, Red Muck, Dynassor, Whacko, Llama Delay, Chill, or Harmonious Monk
    Broughton Solarian
    Hudson Broadcast
    Other overdrive pedals
    other Spaceman pedals, TC Electronic Plethora, Boss MS-3 or similar, Analog Alien Alien Bass Station, Neunaber Audio Immerse v2 or W3T, maybe others too just ask; I’m looking for dirt pedals, modulation pedals, and a reverb pedal.
    D5313671-8D9F-4219-90D2-69CCFDD2B59F.jpeg 3689DA0C-41DE-43C4-A45F-06842A919668.jpeg C57E8CE5-4251-40D3-A5DB-679DC03526E1.jpeg DDF987C0-1C1E-43FB-97D3-B3305D984006.jpeg EB9FDF95-98E1-490B-90CE-1DA99F981251.jpeg F2F3E3CA-0535-4E60-9025-88261A94BCBE.jpeg BC34A0CC-D819-4263-B273-B4B1B32AB2E9.jpeg
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