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  1. After practice the mandolin player buts some jazz on his turntable. I had to ask who it was. The cover said eclpso I bleive. It was just a trio. He started to name the players. Then he turns to me and asks how do you say this(his last name)? He meant the bass player. That name sounded so familier. Then I remeber reading about him in BP a while back. I was just blown away. Amazing bass work. It was an old record. From the late 60's i belive. Pretty hot stuff. Anyone else have some input?
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    Of course--George Mraz is well-known and widely-respected by the jazz DB players who know of him (which means anyone who reaches a certain level of experience, I would imagine), and his solos are included in a couple of those popular jazz method books with transcriptions (like Todd Coolman's "The Bass Tradition" and Chuck Sher's "The Improvisor's Bass Method"). I can't say that any of his solo albums really blow me away, but he's done a lot of work as a sideman that is unparalleled. I can't name specific albums, but he worked a lot with Tommy Flanagan and Richie Beirach, I believe, in trio settings, and those albums I've heard have been amazing. I also heard on the radio one of the best bass solos EVER on a live version of "Naima" by McCoy Tyner's group, and it turned out to be Mraz. He's something else.

    PS Go Bears! But please start playing Grossman when his ankle's healed!
  3. Tommy Flanagan was the pianist on the record. Do you know which album im talkign about? Its mostly black has a pic of some cat on it. And it looks like it was titled eclypso.
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    Jan 31, 2005

    The album is Tommy Flanagan Trio and the title is (as you write) "Eclypso" (drummer: Elvin Jones). Label is Enja, recorded 1977 (released on CD also). Amazing album! Mraz has recorded ca 10 CD's with Flanagan and I have to recommend "Jazz Poet" also (and all the others also...).
    I also think that his sideman work is the best. More to check out:
    Stan Getz Q "Voyage"
    Hank Jones Trio "Upon Reflection"
    Richie Beirach Trio "Elegy For Bill Evans"
    Jim Hall "Jim Hall And Basses
    Oscar Peterson "Two originals"
    Joe Lovano Q " I'm All For You"
    and the list goes on......
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    I would also like to include the two albums that George Mraz did under his own name for Tod Barkan.

    Mraz Jazz and and My Foolish Heart

    They are real gems and still available from the looks of it.

    At one time I had a vinyl recording of the New York Jazz Quartet after Ron Carter left with George on it. Wish I still had that one.

    Ric Vice
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    What label are they on???
  7. I think on one of those, there is a goosebump-inducing version of "The Peacocks" that features George overdubbing at least three bass parts. He does some incredible arco work on that tune.
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    Jan 31, 2005
    The label is Milestone.
  9. You must also check out the ECM albums under John Abercrombie's name, Arcade and Quartet (there might be more...).
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    Playing with Tommy Flanagan in Japan 1991 - wonderful solo as usual:
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    Just Friends, with Chet Baker, Stan Getz, 1978,
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    The album Eclypso is majorly kick-ass! :hyper:
    It's become one of my favorite albums. It's out of print but you can still find it used online. I need to get more into George Mraz.

    Check out his solo on Raincheck. w/ Tommy Flanagan. I dig TF too.
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    a nice shot of him walking at 3:01-3:12 and an amazing solo where time stands still, and you can see him using 3 different right hand techniques and playing chords at 4:57-7:00
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    Nov 28, 2001
    Thanks for bringing these clips (and this thread) up. You can never heap too much praise on George Mraz!
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    can't he still play sitting on a stool?
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    Feb 7, 2005
    Gearge Mraz never ceases to amaze me. These festival clips however seem more like an athletic event than a musical event. Pretty acrobatic technique, for sure. Granted, all the cats have chops, pretty scary ones at that! I count myself lucky to have experienced George's playing in a small club with Stan Getz.
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    Yes, MRPC, I too prefer to see my heroes in a small club, but they are rarely filmed in those environs. I have seen Mraz at the Vanguard playing with Jim Hall; I arrived an hour early to get what I thought was the best seat to see him, and when the music started he was visually blocked by part of the drums and a couple of other patrons. Only got a few glimpses of his right hand. :crying: This often seems to be my luck in clubs. In this clip you can see everything up close.
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    Yes, and to bad the Stan Getz clip has been removed from youtube.

    George's intonation is to strive for!