Geraldine, sweet Geraldine

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  1. So I'm on my bi-monthly jazz kick. Paul Jackson being one of my favorite bassists, I'm curious if anyone has managed to capture his amazing tone via modern techniques, and if so how?

    Geraldine - Paul Jackson
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    Jan 2, 2008
    He later went with a straight up precision bass and managed a similar tone, so maybe more of it was him and not the bass.

    Those were the days when Alembic was just starting to be known for building basses also, so there was a lot of experimenting with various electronics back then, Geraldine is quite a piece of work.

    Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead had that highly modified Guild Starfire bass that had a mind boggling array of filters , knobs and switches courtesy of Alembic
  3. yes, completely understand the player over gear. There is certain nuances though through the set up, particularly in a studio setting. Splitting each string into a separate channel for EQ, effects, etc could produce some interesting results.
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    Jan 2, 2008
    Ya know, the quadraphonic hi fi system was a popular thing back then, maybe they thought that would enhance that whole experience by being able to spread the sonic palette around a bit more.

    whatever it was it sounded cool
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  5. I've just grown tired of the over processed tone of modern albums. You would think with modern technology experimentation would lead to more interesting results.
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    I thought they should be able to build a car that was easier to work on too, that obviously didnt happen either.
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  7. Funny you said that because that's what I do for a living. There's a certain brand that I absolutely despise as a company, but the 2020s they bring in are almost exactly the same as the 1999s I get. Maybe I just finally hit that age, but it seems music hit a brick wall in the 70s. An acquaintance of mine working on their 10 year dissertation as a Jazz drummer always blames guitar based music being forced upon us. I've seen others blame the Beatles for the mass produced pop rock. Then again my grandfather whom taught and played jazz blamed the electric guitar as well. Personally I'm going with lack of music education. #enddrunkenrant