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  1. I recently purchased a double bass that I was told was about 120 years old. My teacher and I agreed that could well be true and that it sounds fantastic; big and fat like an old bass. It was rebuilt in 1992 by Kolstien, but the original maker was said to be unkown.

    I just found a sticker inside next to Kolstien's sticker that is faded and difficult to read. The date looks like 1862 and the only other thing I can make out for sure is the name Biegen (at least I think) it looks like G.O. Biegen Co. on the first line. It's obviously a German name, but a google search provided no connection to basses. Is this name familiar to anyone? any suggestions on how to find out more?
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    I suspect that Kolstein saw that label as well. Why not give 'em a call?
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    i doubt if its a german label with a "Co."