German Klemt amps from the 60’s, any opinions?

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    I might have a chance to pick a head up soon, a 40-50 watter, probably use it for guitar as it has EL-34’s, but I think they were all-purpose like a Selmer Treble’n’Bass, right? I have a fondness for old weird off-brand tube amps(I just picked up a Sound brand guitar combo, Deluxe-ish, weird Ampex style power tubes). That is no surprise, as the company, which existed circa ‘65/‘66, was started by a former Ampeg guy. Doesn’t really break up all that much, but loves pedals. Anyway, back to the Krautrocker...all I know is the YouTube BeatBeatBeat live vids with the Yardbirds, Kinks, Small Faces, Creation, Move, etc., and taking into consideration the audio limitations, they sound pretty cool. Anyone here have one, or played with a guitarist who had one? Any drawbacks? Thanks.
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  2. Michedelic

    Michedelic MId-Century Modern’s the Echolette BS 40, there are newer, present day YT videos now, pretty Marshally, pretty cool, but I’d still appreciate any input, thanks.
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    when I was a younger, much younger guy I went to see a band from Germany called the Rattles. They were billed as Germany’s answer to the Beatles. They were a good band but nothing like the Fab Four. They used Klempt amplifiers exclusively.