German or French? grooove

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  1. I have been playing French for a little while (about 2.5 years) and play mainly pizz/jazz. I saw an east european bass player at a festival last night get a fantastic sound and particularly groooove using a german bow. Now before everyone says it was cause he was a wonderful player etc. - that's a given. but i am thinking what are the advantages to the german vs. the french bow? i got a french cause that is what my teacher uses. did i make a mistake not thinking about a german bow? also i love Slam Stewart (anyone?) and he used the German. any thoughts
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    Dec 31, 2002
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    I think the main consideration for the type of bow is whether or not you can find a teacher that can show you how to use it. Funny, there's an entire forum where this issue is often discussed. This isn't it.