SOLD German Warwick Corvette 4 string Custom Shop upgrades

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  1. Price:
    Warwick Corvette 4 string bass.

    Hand made in Germany
    MEC 2 band Active Preamp
    Ocean Blue Oil finish
    Flamed Maple AA body
    Ovangkol neck
    Wenge fingerboard
    UPGRADED: Wenge tuning pegs and Wenge truss rod cover.
    UPGRADED: Authentic Warwick complete black hardware conversion.

    This bass includes 2 complete sets of German Warwick hardware. Currently the bass has all black hardware installed (Over $400 US for parts alone!) I will also include all of the original full set gold hardware to the buyer.

    Also includes deluxe Warwick gig bag.

    $950 picked up in Southern California. Otherwise I can work out shipping with the buyer.
    No Trades.

    Thanks! Please message me with any questions.

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  2. Klaxxi


    Mar 6, 2017
    Beaumont, TX
    I've never seen a blue Warwick before. Looks really nice
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  3. stringthrough

    stringthrough Supporting Member

    Weight please
  4. Digital bathroom scale says exactly 8.0lbs. It feels lighter than that.

    I add to the description. The nut has also been upgraded to the Warwick "Just A Nut III"
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