SOLD German Warwick Corvette Taranis. Hipshot, Noll, Jazzman, OBO!

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    Sep 17, 2007
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    No better Corvette on TB right now for the money!

    Here's my German '07 Warwick Taranis, Strung factory EADG. Many came as BEAD and you can buy a Just-a-Nut III for this. Then you'll have both where the placement of the nut is easy while changing strings.

    I also list "Jazzman" as the pickup placement is the same and there are many similar tones available with an array of options at your fingertips.

    I am the 2nd owner and have had this bass for years. Never did I even think of selling this bass, as I've sold many before this but hey, when you find the right one, the others tend to just sit and I'm absolutely sure I'll miss this one the most.

    SPECS are HERE and also below:
    Sandblasted US Swamp Ash body, (Nirvana Black Transparent satin finish is perfect)
    Ovangkol neck w/Wenge fretboard
    24 Jumbo bronze frets, just polished and perfect
    1.5"/38.5mm nut width
    7.8lbs (extra light with NO neck dive)
    2 pc Warwick bridge, black hardware
    Dunlop security locking pins (have originals if you want them)
    Push/Pull Vol pot for active/Passive operation.
    Passive MEC large pole pickups
    Noll TCM3 preamp w/PP Vol and Series/Parallel switch for MM pickup
    USA Hipshot tuners w/DeTuner

    This NOLL preamp came with MEC pots and I am a true fan of these preamps. I think it sounds much better than the original 2 band MEC eq and could possibly be related due to the MEC pots, IDK.

    Very light at only 7.8 lbs.!!

    THE NECK is a soft D shape, flatter than most. No big baseball bat, NOT a U shape, it's just right!
    The bass is in EXCELLENT condition is all of my gear. You won't find another like it anywhere.

    Priced accordingly in-between a Corvette Proline and FNA Jazzman.

    Ships in a Med scale Fender Hard case. Perfect fit with no tension on the neck and no moving around.

    $1450shipped Con USA.

    $1250 shipped Con USA.

    IMG_3700.JPG IMG_3696.JPG IMG_3699.JPG
    IMG_3713.JPG IMG_3712.JPG IMG_3711.JPG IMG_3701.JPG IMG_3709.JPG IMG_3703.JPG IMG_3704.JPG IMG_3710.JPG IMG_3706.JPG IMG_3705.JPG IMG_3716.JPG IMG_3717.JPG IMG_3718.JPG
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  2. xhawk5

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    Sep 17, 2007
    Palm Coast, FL
    Here's a few sound samples...

    This one shows the superior mids compared to a MM SR...

    This is the Jazzman Streamer, but these tones are absolutely available. :)
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    Jan 28, 2007
    I’m seriously thinking of blocking you cause every one of your basses wants to drain my bank account! Another gorgeous specimen! GLWTS!
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  4. Warfender


    Oct 25, 2009
    Damn you sure you aren't intersted in a MM Sterling 4H with Maple neck? Near mint Blue Pearl with factory HSC.
  5. xhawk5

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    Sep 17, 2007
    Palm Coast, FL
    Plz keep all offers to a private message. Thanks!
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  6. xhawk5

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    Sep 17, 2007
    Palm Coast, FL
    Major Price drop! $1250 shipped. No better Corvette on TB right now for the money! Or anywhere for that matter.
    Here's a 5er on eBay. Passive w/scars and stock Gotoh/Warwick branded keys.
    No where near as advanced as mine with the Noll 3 band pre and Hipshot Ultralite keys w/deTuner.
    This really is a good deal. These sold for around $2500 back in the day. 1/2 price with best mods is a Killer deal. Cmon TB!
    You WON'T be disappointed. Frets were recently polished and she looks stunning. (didn't need leveling or crowning.)
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