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Get the Bag End S12-RD.....or?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by offhand35, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. offhand35

    offhand35 Supporting Member

    This is my first post. I have been reading everything I can find here on your great forum! I had been playing guitar for years but the need has arisen for a bass at church. In a different lifetime [early '70's] I played bass, and I wish I still had that B-15-N!

    Anyway, the application will be for a small stage, with an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar on a 22watt tube amp, piano, flutes, violins, sax, no drummer. 4 or 5 vocalists.

    I am on a low budget, but want the "best" sound and presence for my bass. But I can stretch it for a good speaker. I picture a strong undertone, no bass solo work.

    I know the best way to go is to get out and play everything I can, but it has been hard to get out to do that.....I like the concept and portability of a 210 cab, but I have been getting the feeling that the traditional 1x15 may be what I need to move enough air.......

    Now to the question.

    I have read everything I can about the Bag End cabs, and have a chance to put "dibs" on a S12-RD [I could not find anything about what the "R" stands for .....]. This looks like it may be better for what I want than an inexpensive 210 cab, and yet be far more portable than a 15. I won't be able to play it until Monday night, but will be bringing my own amp and bass for that. I had gotten a great price on a GK 250BL head in good shape. I like the sensitive EQ on this. I thought the 125 watts should be adequate, especially after reading about how a cab can help increase perceived volume over a 75 watt increase. If it is not, well that can be taken care of, and would be for a different thread.

    Should I at least consider the Bag End, or continue to look for a smallish sized 1x15 cab that likely would not in the same league?
  2. offhand35

    offhand35 Supporting Member

    OK, I have asked and answered my own question. Before I posted this I read most of the posts for the Bag End Owner's Club thread. I went back and reread some, and finished reading the rest. What I took away from all that is I will likely be so happy with the Bag End cab that I will then be free to continue [re]learning to play bass. I put it on lay away over the phone, to try it out and pick it up on Monday.

    Thanks to every one who read my post. I do want to say that I am thoroughly enjoying my crash entrance to the world of BASS!
  3. ToneMonkey


    Sep 27, 2003
    Newberg, OR
    A thought... I'm a happy Bag End owner (2x15 cubes), but for church, especially given that you don't have a drummer and the stage levels figure to be modest, I might go with a 2-10 cab, and maybe a not very efficient one at that.

    Here's my point of comparison... I have a 400w head. Bag Ends are wicked efficient, so you got a lot of volume out of 400w. Probably too much for what you want - they don't really start sounding good until you get on them a bit.

    OTOH, my other cab (an Acme Low B2) is notoriously INEFFICIENT, so I get much less volume from the same watts.

  4. offhand35

    offhand35 Supporting Member

    Well, I got the S12R-D home, then I started wondering what the "R" means, since there is no such animal on Bag End's website. I wrote to Bag End support, and learned my lesson, If you wonder about something, ask first! This is the reply:

    Hello David,

    The S12R-D is now discontinued. It was designed for electric guitar. The
    12" driver was made to distort or "break up" as more power is put into
    it, similar to some classic Celestion drivers. Because of this, it is a,
    relatively, low power system, by design.

    Here are the specs:

    The "R" in S12R-D was for Red Rock, named after the 12" cone driver.

    As it was not made for bass instruments, I'm not sure how well it will
    serve you. It is certainly very different from the S12-D, only because
    of the 12" driver used. The enclosures are identical.

    Best regards,
    Dan Saraceno
    Bag End Loudspeakers

    System Type:
    Red Rock full-range, rear vented
    1.5 cubic ft.
    8 Ohms
    Frequency Response:
    50 Hz to 5 kHz ± 6 dB
    (4 pi Steradians)
    100 dB SPL (1W @ 1m)
    Power Handling:
    75 W continuous sine wave
    150 W instantaneous peak

    So it is going back to the seller with a copy of the spec sheet, and I will find another......
  5. Dave W

    Dave W Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2007
    White Plains
    If you're sold on Bag End and want a 15, hunt down an S15D. Their 15's are so small and portable, and they sound phenomenal.

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