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Getting a 5 string soon...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by midnight, Mar 14, 2001.

  1. I'm craving the low B of the 5 string bass. I've gone through this list on which as best. Definitely mixed opinions out there!

    I have decided to either go with Schecter Stiletto Elite 5. It's a neck-thru bass w/ 35" scale, two band active EQ w/ EMG-HZ pickups. The competition is a Conklin GT-5. Competitive equipment on it, also w/ a 35" scale. It's bolt-on, which doesn't seem to really have too much of a factor in todays technology.... does it?

    I've found little info on both the Schecter and the GT line of Conklin. I am strictly interested in 5 strings. If anyone out there has played either of these bad boys, please get back to me. I don't have the luxury of a decent music shop within a 2 hour drive. So I will be buying from musiciansfriend, which offers a "like it or return it" policy. I would like to avoid this, though, if possible.

    Oh! Price! The Schecter is $599. The Conklin is $749. If the Conklin is better, is it $150 better?


  2. I think that the conklin is definately better and worth the extra 150.
  3. afroman

    afroman Supporting Member

    Aug 31, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Hey Midnight !!!!

    I'm going through your same dilema, what first 5-string to buy???

    After reading the replys from my thread: "Fender, Spector or Yamaha" (go look it up), I've decided to go with Spector for my first 5-string bass. Musician's Friend sells the Spector NS-2000Q5 for $569. It has a bolt-on neck, 24 frets, quilted finish, EMG-HZ pickups, active tone controls; but most important, it's a Spector. I know it sounds stupid for me to tell you this, since I haven't played any Spectors, but I think you should add it to your list.

    If you have the money, you might even want to look at the Spector NS-2000/5. It is a neck-through bass, has the famous Spector contoured body, EMG-HZ pickups, and active EQ.

    Please let me know what you decide.

    Good Luck...
  4. Slater

    Slater Leave that thing alone. Supporting Member

    Apr 17, 2000
    The Great Lakes State
    I think the Conklin has a 34" scale length. (Click on the link below.)

    Also, I think the Schecter is too new to get any feedback on it yet.
  5. i've decided i'm sticking to 4-string for now... but if i got a five, it would definitely be a dave pushic. the quote he gave me was really amazing.
  6. Angus

    Angus Supporting Member

    Apr 16, 2000
    Palo Alto, CA
    I dont know man, if youre gonna spend that much, you could either buy a Yamaha BB-5 and get new bridge/preamp for probably the same as the Conklin (and have a much better bass). Or, you could check out an Ibanez BTB405. Damn good basses for the money, and besides a preamp if you desire, they really need to mods. Good quality, awesome feel, and good sound. Either way, you have a damn good deal, and a bass thats much higher quality than the two you named (shut up JT! :) ).

    BTW, the Schecter isnt really worth mentioning. If you do ever have to sell it, good luck buying a lunch with the money you get from it.
  7. here's my piece... I've played a conklin gt-4 which is pretty similar to the 5 and the pickups were uninspiring. They are actually mighty mite pickups. The 7 string has bartolinis which rock... I wish they would trickle down. Also, Have you seen the back of the groove tools basses? They have a huge neck joint ramp thing that totally turned me off. It made playing at the 14 fret feel like the 22nd to me. I'd definitely suggest playing one to see if you like it. Can't comment on the tightness of the b-string as I don't play fives anyway.
    As far as Schecter goes they make some nice basses. I've played a jazz bass copy that was great. Can't comment on a stilleto, though.
    <p>Here is a couple basses I would consider also in that price range. Fender deluxe active jazz bass 5, warwick streamer standard 5, and Yamaha active BB-5
  8. Thanks much for the great replies. I will consider the Spector. Again, the opinions varied so much that is seems like, as long as it feels good to me, go for it.

  9. I'm not a big fan of any of the schector basses that I've tried and probably never will be. I did see an ad in Musicians Friend for one and it looked pretty nice, but I don't think they sound that good in general. As for the neck being a neck-thru, I'll put it this way. If a bass is bad in the first place, then it being neck-thru would really only just make it more expensive to buy. Same goes for a 35" neck. These options have become popular on basses and in a way are just ways for manufacturers to sell a so-so bass.

    My friend has a GT5 Conklin and it plays much better than any Schector bass that my hands have touched. I believe the neck is only 34" and the B feels a little too loose for me (but then again a nice set of strings could do the trick). The strings are too close for me to play comfortably and it sounds pretty decent stock, but throw in some Barts and this could be an excellent bass. Just my thoughts.

    Also check out Spector, Warwick, and possibly a Cort Artisan (I tried one out a few days ago and it sounded pretty good to me).

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