getting a 65" rear projection television FREE!!!!

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  1. one of my designs. HD ready.

    the company i work for is a big name in big screen TVs.

    i'm lead project engineer for the new product lines.

    my boss is having a pre-production unit shipped to my house!!! like a new unit, just doesn't have production cosmetics!

    whoo hoo...nice perc!!!

    now, if i can find a place to put it!

    can't wait!

  2. temp5897

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    got pics?
  3. BigBohn


    Sep 29, 2001
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    And could you post this thread again one more time in OT? I don't think we all can hear you.
  4. um, you lost me on that one.

    did i mention this before? and double post?

    did i post in the wrong forum?

    did i do something wrong?

  5. can't at this time. hasn't gone to market yet and its a new design.

    i'd get in BIIIIIIIG trouble.

  6. Prime Mover

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    Feb 16, 2003
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    You posted right after the other...:D
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    Sep 29, 2001
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  8. ooops.

    ahh...the post was hanging so i stopped the browser and resent.

    makes sense now.

    but, it wasn't intentional. no need to get all huffy.


  9. Prime Mover

    Prime Mover

    Feb 16, 2003
    TN, USA
    Hmmm...a little hostile are we?;) :D
  10. yes damnit!!!! i mean NO, i'm not!

    i mean, um...


    i mean, um...


    but, seriously, not hostile, just oblivious.


    so, anyway, big tv!
  11. a 65" television?

    they say that the bigger the television screen, the further away you should sit for less eyestrain etc.

    so for'd have to sit in your neighbours' garden?
  12. that is true.

    i may have to knock out a wall or 2.

  13. temp5897

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    New design eh? How much different can a TV look? I mean...I haven't EVER been surprised or blown away by the way a tv looks...ah well just show us when you can.
  14. i agree with ya. nothing groundbreaking.

    its not so much about it being such a OOOOOOH SECRET. but, as with any new product, leaking info about it before its officially released is a pretty serious offense.

    i could get fired.

    very common product design/introduction scenario.

  15. maybe it looks liek a bass :D and the body of it is the screen and the fingerboard has all the buttons on it and you use the tuners as switches for something ;) that wouldnt actually be a bad idea...LoL, and the pups can be the little reciever thingies from the remote :D ~ Tyler
  16. temp5897

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    I see Fred..well that's cool. And that is quite a freebie!
  17. Very nice! I would be happy with any television bigger than my 27 incher, but 65 inches of televisison is a lot! I think I would be forced to watch even more t.v. than normal!

  18. Brad Johnson

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    Obviously someone is trying to compensate for having a small DVD player.

  19. Yeah, since no one else really seems to be saying anything about my idea of what the tv could look like i think ill back my own idea up in saying its a good idea and should be made, someone make it :D ~ Tyler