Getting a job at a music company (Fender, Gibson, etc)

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  1. So I'm about to start college this coming August and a lot of people have been asking the 'what do you wanna do?' And I'm fairly certain it's Electrical Engineering cause I love soldering and fixing up stuff (guitars, circuits, whatever) and the thought occurred to try and look at employment at a Guitar company post-college so I could work on guitars for a career and I was wondering if anyone here had experience on the matter...thanks!
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    Get your EE degree, then get a real job and spend the bucks you make on guitars and basses as a sideline/hobby, or invent cool electronic widgets that every guitarist will crave then start your own company to manufacture and market your inventions.
  4. But of course! It's all so simple when you put it that way, fhm555!

    I kid, but yeah.
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    Get your degree and get into the boutique amps, pedals and live sound equipment business. Recording studio equipment will always need repairing and maintenance on the vintage/tube driven/analog stuff. There's tons of stuff out there way more interesting than a couple pots, caps, maybe a switch or two and a jack (guitar electronics get boring quick).

    Working a production line sucks balls. And that's what fender and Gibson do unless you get into R&D departments.
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    Good luck in college! EE is a good degree.

    I suggest getting the best general purpose education you can get, taking advantage of what your college has to offer, and then learn the specifics of music gear on your own. I predict that DSP will be increasingly important, especially for pro audio and studio gear.

    Look around and see if you can find a professor who's into audio as a hobby.

    What I recall from college is that "consumer" electronics was somewhat dismissed by the teachers, who felt that it was mainly a matter of cost cutting. Granted that was almost 30 years ago.

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