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  1. How much can I expect to be charged for having a new nut installed on my fretless Stingray 5?

    When I got the bass it had a few chips missing from the nut which caused certain strings to rattle slightly. Right now I have huge strings which have no room to rattle, but I am going to move down to slightly smaller strings which might rattle. I also have the nagging suspicion that the nut is the cause of a few pitch stability issues.... so I might as well get a fresh nut.

    Also I'm thinking of having a setup done on it.. I've been doing my own setups on my Peavey for as long as I've owned it and I have no problems with that bass.. but I've sort of come to the conclusion that I don't know the first thing about setting up a fretless. How much should I expect to pay for setup? (I'm going to see if they can touch up my fingerboard too)

    I just want to get ballpark estimates to make sure that whatever I'm being charged isn't unreasonable.

    Also... any Madison people have recommendations on where to take my bass? I was thinking of just giving Good Music a call to find out how much it will cost. They seem like a pretty good shop.. I've had good experiences with the employees there.

  2. Well, when my 4 string, fretted bass nut broke it cost in ALL about $30. I don't know about 5 strings, but it can't be taht much more...:oops:

    Hope that helps:cool:
  3. Thanks guys!
  4. It also depends on the type of nut. Plastic, bone, graphite and brass as well as other more exotic materials can vary in price.

    Sometimes you can get a deal of sorts if you have a fret dressing or full setup done at the same time since the strings will already be off the bass and things like intonation and action adjustment will already need to be done anyway.

    Find a good luthier with a good following and see what he or she suggests.
  5. pil101


    Jul 8, 2000
    just had 2 done this week. big props to rob at the Music Museum in Pitman NJ. on my fretless Jazz the bone nut blank cost $4.00 and the labor $30.00. on my stingray the blank cost 3.00 and the labor also $30.00

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