getting a weird , unwanted sound from my bass

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  1. For awhile now with my ibanez (its an SR305DX and its not a begginer bas, however its like one of the lower soundgear models), ive noticed if i take my hand off the strings and lightly put it back on the strings i get this little "click" (its a click from the amp, not like a touching fret click) so i was wondering if there is a way to get rid of the click with like a rack thing or some kind of noise reducer whether it be pedal or something, im extrememly picky on how my stuff sounds and must find a way to get rid of it. If it matters, i was playing it through a basic 1 12 peavey, 50 watts. Im guessing its like a problem with the bass and not the amp though. HELP DO AWAY WITH THE CLICKING!
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    Jun 10, 2001
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    Remove your pickguard and back covers and check for mice.

    No, seriously, sounds like maybe you lost a ground somewhere. Start with the simplest part - the cord, try a different one. If that doesn't fix the problem, grab yer bass and open 'er up and make sure all wiring is solid. If the bass is clear, then try the amp.

    I'm no expert, but I've had to deal with deteriorated wiring before, and it can add noise to your setup, so that's what I'd check.

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    Just to rule out the obvious, are you sure the strings arn't just touching the pickup when you do this and producing the click? If so, just lower the pickups. If not, switch out each variable in your set up one at a time (replace bass, amp, cord, etc with different one too see where the problem is).
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    take it to a shop. they'll look for u
  5. lol no my strings arent at all touching the pickups, its just this gentle light click and i noticed after i posted the message that it increases in volume depending where i am (it got loudest when i was further away, near my like shelf cd player and i have noticed that the cd player when i hit play and my bass is on me near it, my amp picks some weird stuff up)
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    You have a grounding problem! But that wont help you much to know that! Because it could just as easy be a ground problem in your amp as your guitar! Or you chord! Hell it actually could be the ground in the plug in your using! Or hell even worse it could be thr ground to your home! First like some one else said try the all seperat! Take it to a friends house and try it! Try a diff plug in in your house first!