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Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Jbaumboogy, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Jbaumboogy


    Dec 7, 2016
    Gentlefolk, I have spent the last decade away from gigging/recording/jamming/shredding and where I once played my bass daily, I find that I only play it on occasion now. With marriage, career and children taking center stage, I set my musical journey on the shelf; vowing to one day return. I feel like now is that time. I'm looking for advise on how best to get "Back on that horse." Former Gear: Ampeg SVT3-Pro head-Ampeg 4x10 cab, MTD Kingston 5-string. Current Gear: Ibanez Ergodyne 4-string, Ibanez 10W practice amp, Q-Tron (vintage). Styles: Jazz, Funk, Rock, Bluegrass, Country. I live in rural Nevada, so fellow musicians are limited. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on how you would approach this scenario, given the details that I have listed above. Thanks,
  2. Better do it before you start feeling resentment towards your family & job... Look on Craig's List/pawn shops (must be joyous in Nevada)... it feels like you're only lookin' to get back in, not arena rock... but, ROCK ON, DUDE!
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    Much the same as I had done. Welcome back :)

    For me, I started slow on the equipment side ( which it looks like you are doing ) And began to make a habit of putting in a couple hours an evening ( certainly not every evening) at first, trying to play along to songs that I had played when I gigged. I have a PC with a very nice sound solution in my music/game/library/ "me time" room so It's easy to find things on YouTube and jam along. It took next to no time to fully realize I was in relearning mode and decided right then I would apply a regime, a method, if you will, to my rebirth as a musician. I found Scott Devine ( there are many others but I found his informative and in nicely detailed small doses - and free :) ) online and used his lessons to keep me focused. At this point, say, 6 years later, I am not a better player, perhaps, than when I was gigging, but I am a more informed player, which suits my age fine :) Sadly my gear now far outstrips my ability. Be warned! G.A.S. is real.
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