Getting better gas mileage.

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    Aug 10, 2000
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    Is it possible? I drive a 1990 Lincoln towncar, what are some little things i could do to get better gas mileage? Typically, with low octane(83 or whatever it is here in tx) i get roughly 16.5 miles to a gallon(hey, i have a digital readout that tells me, and cooks eggs!). Thats not bad for the car, considering its size, but filling up all the time is getting quite expensive.

    Just so you know:
    Air filter is perfect.
    No excessive weight in the car.
    Tires are properly inflated.
    I never have mny windows down.
    Ac on? You betcha'! In summer in texas, with an all black car and a black lather interor, if its not on, your getting cooked.


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    Low RPM is the key, in addition to what Josh said.
    Also, accelerating eats fuel, so try avoiding excessive braking and accelerating by driving with anticipation [for lack of a better word].
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    Sell the Lincoln. Then buy a Honda.:p
  4. Someone's got the right idea.

    Don't drive a couch on wheels, get a cheap MIJ. car, they get great milage.
  5. this helped me get slightly better mileage out of my 1994 dodge ram van.

    -K&N air filter
    -Bosch platinium +4 sparkplugs
    -MSD 8.5mm plug wires
    -replaced pcv valve
    -Accel distributor cap and rotor
    -MSD blaster ignition coil

    All this helped me get better combustion so i waste less fuel and get a little more power out of my old and tired motor and the better air filter helped me get more air mixed with the fuel which increases mileage. all this can be done to your car for a little under $200 if you do it your self. It is a very simple thing to do, it is basically a higher performance minor tune-up.
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    16.5 mpg overall from a full size Lincoln (thats as aerodynamic as a brick) is about all youre going to get. You could try the things that Nick suggested, but dont expect to pickup 10 mpg, you may get 1 or 2.