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Getting Frustrated

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by michinho, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. michinho


    Oct 11, 2013
    London, UK
    I need help.

    Over the last couple of months I have just continuously kept getting frustrated at pedals I purchase.

    Most of these (well, pretty much all of them) tend to be dirt pedals.

    I hear great reviews on so many pedals, and go out and order them online, only to generally be disappointed by so many.
    they all just seems so buzzy, farty or clangy. Just not natural sounding at all :(
    at first I was convinced I needed to change my tone up with some sort of dirt box or pre-amp, but iv'e actually grown more towards my clean sound after trying these different pedals. I've been through a few these past few months... VT bass deluxe, bass driver DI, VT bass DI, Darkglass overdrive even some clean blended distortions in a loop still tend to be buzzy/farty.
    Is there something wrong with me? or do I just not like dirt pedals? or have I just been unlucky and haven't found what I'm looking for just yet?

    What I'm getting at here is I need recommendations...

    I think I've narrowed this down too the fact I need something that does not colour or mud up my tone. A bass overdrive that doesn't just effect the highs but adds that low growly grit, that sounds natural and not how i described the others.

    I hear clips of the MyCo Three and from there it sounds amazing. What are people's experience of it? is it clear and crisp? or too muddy? (that's how i found the tech 21 stuff generally) is it good on its own? or does it need a clean blend? does anybody ever use it as an always on?

    I would also like something separate to beef up my clean tone, but again not colour it. I still want to be able to hear the pure tone of my p bass, jazz bass and soon to be thunderbird. Something that just makes my tone more punchy I guess? maybe it's a compressor I'm describing? I'm not sure, I don't really know anything about them, or where/when to use them etc.

    Basically, I just need help with these few issues I have.

    Any help would be highly appreciated!

  2. sounds like you want something with a clean blend built in
  3. Try the Sheehan Sig (if you can without buying it). Setting all controls to 12:00 and Level off (left) is a good starting point. Slowly raise the Level until you find something you like ( hopefully) I also own a Darkglass that I am very fond of but it sounds different. Hope this helps.
  4. yaksonator

    yaksonator Supporting Member

    Apr 16, 2011
    Branson, MO
    I own a myco three, and you definitely don't need to blend it.. it's more than beefy enough on its own. Even as a tubey tone shaper, no grit, it's really fat and warm sounding. It lets my pbass do it's thing and just adds a fat tube overdrive to it. BUT this is what I hear and experience. the record out is another plus, it adds a special something to the signal that, thickens up the overdrive, or makes it more dirty kind of.. here's a demo I did of alternating between amp out and record out. AGAIN this is my opinion, I love it. Haven't looked else where since I purchased mine.

  5. jonnybass1


    Dec 9, 2011
    Brampton, On
    What it sounds like you are looking for is either an all tube ie Ampeg or Fender or a hybrid head. Tube preamp and solid state/class d poweramp. My GK MBFusion has all the dirt you could want or just mild tube od. Or keep the gain right in the edge if breakup and if you want dirt just dig in a little bit more. Just a thought..
  6. jonnybass1


    Dec 9, 2011
    Brampton, On
    Oh and the Fusion has two channels so you can keep one clean and one with dirt. :)
  7. alec


    Feb 13, 2000
    Perth, Australia
    What amp are you using currently?
  8. DeltaPhoenix

    DeltaPhoenix Supporting Member

    Apr 6, 2011
    Exactly. Bass, Amp, Cab and EQ have a lot to do with how your dirt will sound.

    Does your cab have tweeters? If so turn them all the way down and see if things are less fizzy.
  9. Hello Frustrated in Fuzz, I am so sorry to hear about your experiences, oh wait wrong forum.

    Finding the right kind of fuzz is a journey and you really have to approach it with patience and determination until you find that forever fuzz. Reviews are so subjective and with effects generally reviews will be favorable because the players are happy with the choice, very often for a short time. I went through over 50 fuzz pedals until I found what works best for me, my bass and rig.
  10. Marcocolo


    Sep 10, 2008

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