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getting my 2nd bass.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Victor Yotz, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Victor Yotz

    Victor Yotz

    Feb 13, 2014
    Hello. So I've been playing for almost a year now and am looking to get a 2nd bass. I currently use a squier p bass and there's nothing wrong with it but I'd like to explore more sounds now and want one that has a slimmer or shorter neck. At GC I found sr1800e ibenaz, jazz bass and the Gibson SG to be my favotite in terms of sounds\feel but they're all to way expensive. I played on a used g@l l2000 bass at a shop yesterday and enjoyed the sound because it would go as deep as a Gibson and as sharp as a jazz while slap and at $600 I thought it was a good deal. The only thing is the neck is the same as my p bass which I feel is too big for me cause even though I can play on it well I'm always having to stretch a lot (esp on the top frets of e string) and I'd like a slimmer neck but for the sound and price I'd really like to get it. I'm not too excited about the feel but the sound/price is incredible. I'd like to hear others opinions on this matter and advice (FYI I play classic rock - JPJ, Jack Bruce, McCartney and funk- Larry Graham, James B, and will begin more styles such as country very soon).
  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    It's up to you...but here's my .02/story-
    After the 1st bass ('72 short scale Epiphone)...came a '64 P-bass (in '75). Big difference in neck size!

    Then in '78 I bought two basses: a MusicMan Stingray & a Schecter P-bass (Schecter, at the time, was an upstart company specializing in Fender-style basses).
    Note: All these basses (except the Epiphone) were 1-pickup instruments. In the early '80s, every bassist I liked seemed to be playing a Jazz.
    So, I added a bridge pickup on the Schecter & it really opened things up for me. In the later '80s, I began assembling my own homebrew Jazz basses...while trying out a variety of pickups. Here's the thing: Every one of them (4-5) had the exact same Warmoth Jazz-style neck.

    You're early in your development...so it may not matter to you (yet).
    At some point, I realized I was a "Fender" guy...meaning all those hours spent on Fender-style instruments = a certain amount of muscle memory.
    So, in order to keep it simple with angles & such, I stayed with Fender-style instruments.
    I ventured outside once with a "Tobias" (Nashville) bass; it literally stayed in the case until I sold it at a big loss.

    FYI: JPJ, Larry Graham, & even McCartney played Jazz basses.

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