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    Jul 29, 2001
    Yorkville, IL, USA
    Hey everyone,
    I'm sort of new to the posting thing here, but I figured I'd ask a somewhat tough question after not being able to find the answer via the search page....
    My band recently recorded a 4-song demo that, I think, sounds incredibly good for being recorded at my friend's house. We're interested in getting gigs and getting signed (obviously) but we don't particularly like where the music industry is these days (in terms of music style). We've been searching the internet and talking to various people about sending our demo to places. We know to send them to radio stations and clubs and the like, but we really want to get our demo heard by management and record companies. Does anyone have any experience in this field that could possibly help us out by giving us names of people that we could send it to? We live in the Chicago area, but location doesn't really matter if its a "business trip." Or better yet, does anyone that watches these boards work in the industry? Thanks for any help and advice you could give us...

    Thanks, Bart (Nikehawk)
    P.S. We play a mellow rock style
  2. Ok, my dad has been around the record industry for years. He's seen how management does it. One guy basically sits at his desk listening to hundreds of demos. The ones he thinks sound ok, he'll listen to them again to make sure. Then he'll see if the selected bands are gigging, if so they'll go check them out.

    But the thing is, its strongly heard of that the secretaries you hand the tape too, listen to them and decide for themselves first. sometimes they go "nah he won't like that" and chuck it out.

    But you still gotta keep trying. Do as many gigs as possible send them everywhere. Start a website, sell them at gigs for like $5.

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    Jul 14, 2000
    San Ramon, CA
    My band actually put out a full length cd a couple months ago, and we actually bought a UPC code and is bein sold in our local Tower Records. They are actually also selling our old homemade demo there too, so u might wanna look into that for ur demo as well. Play as many gigs as you can and GIVE your demo to the owners and important people at the show (websites, distributors, etc). also when you go to big concerts, make about 300 demos (cost ya about $200), or less if ya want, but just take them and throw them intot he crowd, or hand them out if ya feel.
    getting signed is important but dont look to get signed, look for exposure. start impressing people first. start local, get some college radio stations your demo, play shows in ur major city (for me it would be Slims, The Pound, Bottom of the Hill, all in San Francisco). and I knoe you really wanna get signed, believe me i do too, but remember getting signed is 10% talent, 90% luck. hell look at most of the bands today.
    Best of luck to ya, besides whats ur bands name and where ya from and what kind of music do ya play?? cuz if ya in the bay area of san fran, maybe we can hook a show up together??
    (man i wish they would change my bio to the other one on my bands site, they told me to write a bio, so i did, i look at everyone elses when it got up on the site, and mines a ****in essay gayness, don't make fun of me...:mad: .......too much:D
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    Jul 14, 2000
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    I really gotta start readin the entire post first.
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    Jul 14, 2000
    San Ramon, CA
    ya knoe i really suck at this postin s***

    heres a tip to everyone: READ THE ENTIRE POST FIRST, twice even, it makes life so much easier........................
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    We all read more than we comprehend so dont sweat it. NB you can modify your posts by clicking one of the icons above it. I think its a picture of a pen and paper. That way you can edit stuff out and only some people saw it. THey are probably editing their own stuff anyway.


    Go for a deal but music is not the means its the end, regardless if you are am. pro or semi pro. Enjoy your music and see where it goes.
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    Jul 29, 2001
    Yorkville, IL, USA
    Thanks for the help guys...

    We've played some shows and gotten a really good response. At the last show we only took 50 demos to give out and they were gone in less than a minute. We aren't looking to get huge in the business, just make enough money to support us to be able to make more music. If fame comes, whoopee :rolleyes: We could care less about that, we care more about playing and making the music for ourselves. We could have several shows lined up, but we are having some drummer problems...:rolleyes: I guess what we really want right now is just someone that can get us information about touring, or someone that can actually say, you make the demos, we'll set you up on some dates across the country, and just sort of send us on our way (but who doesn't want that right? :D) Anyway, thanks again!!

    P.S.S. Our band's name is Spongebort