Getting properly inside a cab.

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    I made the bold decision last night to re-connect the tweeter in my Ashdown cab. The cab in question is a MI112. Whilst I'm pretty pleased with the results thus far, I would like to replace the Blueline 12'' driver in there at some point. However, I cannot figure out how to take the cab apart without destroying the tolex. The speakon and 1/4'' jacks and passive HPF for the tweeter are all mounted on a small metal plate held on with 9 wood screws. The corner protector caps are also held on with screws. Other than that I cannot find a screw on the thing that would be holding it together. Is there an industry standard way of putting cabs together?
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    The driver is mounted from the front - so you can remove the screws off the driver and pull it without disassembling the whole cabinet

    Cabinets are glued to make 'em air-tight... dissassembling = destroying
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    Yes, usually these days you take off the grill, remove the speaker and that gives you interior access.

    *Before you undertake this project, spend some time finding out what speaker will work with that cab's interior volume and porting. It sounds like maybe this is new territory for you, and to get good results, speaker changes are not necessarily plug-n-play situations.
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    Oh jeez. :ninja:

    That makes perfect sense. I was looking at the driver mounting screws, having removed the back cover plate, and trying to figure out how you would even be able to unscrew them.....

    It all makes perfect sense.

    Thanks for putting me right before I fire up the chisels.