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  1. Hi,

    What I want to do is to start controling percussion samples, electronic or real drum sample via a midi controller with pads, and maybe be able to loop them.

    I am starting from scratch and know nothing about Midi, controllers and virtual instruments.

    The only thing I have is a computer (PC)

    What do I need?

    What software should I use

    What would be a cheap but usable controller?

    And finally, is there a website for people getting started with all this stuff?

    I'm sure that some people here are knowledgeable about this stuff.

    Thanks everyone!!!
  2. g&lplayer


    Feb 24, 2010
    Well one thing that I've found is that depending on how much you use it, you may not even really NEED a midi controller. I got tired of always practicing to a metronome and decided to mix it up a little with midi drum tracks too. What i've done is just programmed in a bunch of drum beats and use the computer keyboard to trigger different drum patterns. Try not to get too bogged down with midi, virtual instruments and stuff because a lot of people use it for DJing/electronic music and it can become very overwhealming very fast. Sounds like you arent interested in programming a virtual band for yourself, so my advice is to get a SIMPLE program (I started with garageband, now i use a program called ableton live). Really almost any audio-releated program will probably let you use your computer keyboard as a midi controller. Really saves you a lot of money, especially because these types of programs can get very expensive very fast. If you only need to program in some drum beats, go for a cheaper and less complicated piece of software. Its very easy to go overboard with effects, and vsts and such, and honestly...spend that time playing bass instead of programming your computer to sound like an instrument. Most people use midi for much more complicated stuff (usually as a replacement for an instrument) so keep in mind that this is NOT what you need it for. keep it simple!

    One of the more important things to consider (more important that say, having a midi controller) are the "samples" you may or may not get with it. Always remember, to program in drums, you need drum sounds and depending on what you are using this for it may or may not be too critical. Instead of making all the drum sounds (these little sound clips of say, a snare drum or a bass drum are referred to as "samples") yourself its usually easier to use pre-existing clips. Some software comes with really nice and realistic drum sounds, and others only come with drum sounds that sound like your old toy keyboard from the 80s, which means you will have to look elswhere on the internet to find drum clips.

    One question though...were you hoping to be able to trigger different midi drums/percussion WHILE playing bass? because then you are going to need something you can control with your feet. Or you could always ask a plastic surgeon to give you a third arm...
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