Getting the Entwistle sound part.2

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  1. polo3378


    Nov 21, 2000
    Hello again

    Since I have already asked how John Entwistle got his sound, and got some cool answers, now comes the tricky part...

    Since I have a Memphis P-Bass with Dimarzio's (guys, bear with me, I am a college student on a budget) with some GHS medium Light strings (which need to be replaced!!!) and the amp is a Trace Elliot 715 SMC amp, what can I do to get that loud, metallic, trebly sound with what I got?

    Please help and God bless!!!

    Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated!
  2. if your strings are dead, I suggest taking them off and boiling them to get some brightness back.
    then, with the strings back on (d'oh), keep the low end on your amp centered flat, select the P pickup and boost the 2.5k and 5k regions (I've got a Trace Elliot SMC too). maybe cut a bit of 500hz. finally, play with a pick on the bridge side of the P pickup to get a similar sound to Live At Leeds' "Substitute" etc. I think he used Hiwatt valve amps back then, so a bit of distortion might help too.
  3. polo3378


    Nov 21, 2000
    Thanks fot the info. I will definitely try it. I will try to let you know as soon as possible how my sound comes through once it is done.
    Take care!