GFS Pickups, anyone?

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  1. Anyone tried the bass pickups GFS makes? The pickups in my G&L SB-2 are not quite to my liking, I dig more on the alnico side of the bass spectrum. I'm thinking of replacing them with the GFS vintage Pbass in the mid position and GFS Jbass in the bridge. I've used their standard staggered strat pickups before in a guitar I had a while back and they were amazing, total articulated vintage tone for days. However, I havent had any experience w/ the bass pickups though I would assume them to be of equal quality or better. I just wanted to see if anyone had any experience w/ these particular bass pickups.
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    Dec 10, 2007
    Does anyone here have any experience with any of the GFS bass pickups ?
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    Apr 23, 2006
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    I know guys who rave about their guitar pickups but I don't know much about the bass ones. They're pretty cheap tho, try em out.
  4. I put a set of GFS JB pro pups in my thru-neck zebra build. Cranked up they sound great. I can't compare them directly with the real thing but to my ears they deliver a good tone range that is obviously coloured by the bass they are put into. For the money they are brilliant. I've used maybe 5 dirfferent sets of GFS pickups now in various other (non-bass) guitar builds and I will continue to use them.
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    Feb 5, 2007
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    This is one of those topics that comes up every now and again, but it seems like hardly anyone really tries them out. The guitar pickups are supposed to be fantastic for the price (they're the preferred brand for modding Squier '51s, that's for sure), but all of the bass dudes seem leery of low-cost pups. I'm curious to know how good they are as well. I suspect they're at least average, but who wants to upgrade to "average"? When I upgraded my SX last year I just bit the bullet and went with Nordstrand, which are amazing, but i'm still curious about these cheapies.
  6. OK,

    I used a P90-style on an SG-type and it sounded superb. My current Tele has a Fatboy on the neck and it is one of the best-sounding Tele neck pups I have ever used (and I've built/modded a *lot* of those). I tried a 10K Tele bridge, but it didn't sound like a Tele to me.

    I put a P-bass pup on a beater Presision-copy for a friend which turned out to be Artec. It was about 7K and I felt it had a great tone, but lacked punch on a passive system, but I have no doubts that it would be excellent with a pre-amp.

    I'm seriously considering getting the GFS Fatboy Bridge pup to go on my Tele, despite the fact I currently have a Fender '52 ReIssue on there which is about as autentic as it gets, I suppose. For me, there's something to those wider magnetic slugs.

    As I said, i wouldn't be scared to try them. I've certainly found one or two gems.

    I'd love to try a pair of Liverpool 'buckers in my TA-40.
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    Jun 5, 2007
    Hi I have GFS Jazz set in my parts bass , value for $ they are good .
    Not as good as the better brand PUPs but then ony 1/3 the $,I guess its like comaring a SX bass vs a MIA Fender.
  8. I suppose that you have to figure, if they are 1/3 the price, are they maybe 4/5 the tone?
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    May 11, 2005
    I put the GFSPB Pro in a MIM Fender.
    I wanted a vintage sound and wrote to them. They suggested this model was more vintage than their 'hot' wound pup.

    It sounds fine; good lows, mids and some treble there. Heck, for $32 its a great deal.

    I'd do it again.


  10. I put some in a Peavey Milestone II. They really sound good and sound exceptional for the money involved. I will be ordering a set this week for my Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass and look forward to trying them out on the job. Again, a set of Fralin's or such would be a better pickup, but these put a decent pickup in the hands of us working guys for a reasonable price.
  11. I heard on some forum that the GFS bass pickups are Squier pickups. They are supposed to be made in the same factory. Can anyone confirm this?
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    Mar 31, 2010
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    I can at least help you on half of your question. I have a Squier MB-4 (w/out the skull and crossbones) were I replaced the stock J pup with the GFS version. Better output, better sound, not a lot of cash = me happy. It's not a ceramic magnet underneath, so I'm going to guess they're ALNICO somethings, maybe 5's but I really can't tell, nor do I get wrapped around the axle about such things. I just know that it's no longer weak.

    Really, for the price they offer, what's to lose? It's better than shelling out $60 - 120 and NOT liking it. Sure, it's not a boutique handmade by elves sprinkled with the ashes of the best bass players in history. It's one component in many to find the sound you like. And the best part is nobody will know unless you tell them!! Shhhh!!!
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    Mar 31, 2010
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    I can confirm that my stock Squier J pup and the GFS pup are not the same. The GFS is a tad bit bigger (length and height) than the Squier, and the cover looks a little different. Small details. I'm going to have to not.
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    i've heard from a few internet sources that there's a strong similarity between GFS pickups and Artec pickups, and several folks have suggested they're the same pickups sold under different brands. from what little i've seen these seem to be a good upgrade from a crappy stock pickup, but chances are if you're starting with a solid performing pickup and want something more magical, you'll probably have to spend more.
  15. The Artecs are likely made in the same factory - but are NOT GFS specs. is the USA Artec dealer. They have some interesting Neodymium magnet models but that was all that really all that caught my eye.

    I've used GFS pickups and hardware for a few years now and there's little to complain about. Aside from the Dream 90 not sounding like a P90, most of the descriptions are accurate.

    I used the Vintage P Bass in my Dean Edge and it's a big leap up from most stock pickups in sub-$200 models.

    Have Dream 90 n and Big Mouth b in my OLP Tin Top. Wilkinson tuners and cast roller saddles. Transformed the guitar for a bill shipped. Would have sold a really cool unique guitar otherwise - beats shrugging and saying you can't afford to fix the small stuff on a good instrument.

    Apologies for the zombie thread resurrect but I kept seeing the erroneous Artec reference, and for some reason bassists seem gun shy about them.
  16. I had a GFS vintage P-bass pickup in my Xavier P bass. Nice full sounding PUP. Not aggressive at all. These things go for like $32 from Guitar Fetish, so the value is outstanding. As I remember it utilized alnico 5 magnets....I ended up putting Fender original '62 pups in the Xavier more as an experiment rather than because I was unhappy with the GFS. The '62 sounds noticeably better. In summary: the GFS is a good pickup. Absolutely great for the cost...
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    I have the MM Ceramics. Here's some clips of them passive:

    And a clip with a Bassmods 3 band preamp:

    I like them. And for the money? Crazy good.
  18. I was curious about the MM Pro Plus Alnico musicman style myself! The specs looked right so I ordered 2 of them! They are a HUGE bargain! I put a video together to show the sounds!
  19. Bob-I


    Sep 12, 2014
    When I built my Pbass years ago I was a tad short on funds so I went with a GFS vintage style PU. A few years later a friend gave me his US Pbass PU after he upgraded his. It lasted about 10 minutes and I went back the the GFS. Maybe I was just used to it, but I liked the GFS better.