Ghost Notes?

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  1. Right now my technique with ghost notes... is about... well.. as shamed to say it, is non existant. Any tips on how to properly perform a ghost note? And how, if they are, are they related to harmonics?

    Also if you could besides actually teaching me how to perform a ghost note, any tabs, songs, or exercises that I should look for to practice this technique?

    Thanks! :bassist:
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    A ghost note is just a muted note.

    Play any note on the fingerboard. Now lift your fretting finger just enough so that when you pluck the string you get a dead sounding "thud".

    If your fretting finger lies on the strings where a harmonic exists you can get the familiar "chime" instead of a deadened note.
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    How to get a ghostnote out of a bass is hard to explain i guess, just play any note, and halfway through lift of so you get the note but its also muted/dead..

    check out some Tower of power, Rocco prestia is the king of ghost noting!

    Check out these songs.

    Tower of power - funk the dumb stuff
    Soul with a capital S
    What is hip

  4. Oh wow, that's simple enough, I do that quite commonly actually; I was just familiar with the term muting and this is just basically slightly extended.

    Hehe, Forgive my noobness :)

    For the sake of practice however, let's get some more song recomendations. I'd recomend some songs right now in particular if I was actually home, my server had sound, or my workstation wasn't fried. But in the mean time check out alot of Primus's songs, Les Claypool quite regularly performs Ghost notes and slap techniques. He uses a 6 string however, but a fair share of his work can be done using a basic 4 string. If you're into a kind of interesting mix between funk and rock definetly check him out =). And for metal fanatics, this will require a 6 string bass however, Check out some of John Myung's work from Dream Theatre. He doesn't implement much (None that I have seen) slap however, more to do with tapping and occasionally implements ghost notes

    =( No sound = No guitar pro / Music Archive :bawl: :bawl:
  5. "Roundabout" by Yes, if you like prog rock. The main bass riff is basically a gallop employing dead notes.
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    Hey Verbannter!

    If you're really serious about improving your muted notes technique, I highly recommend you to get this book. A great workout, IMO.
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    There's a difference between relaxing your fingers shortly after playing a note (cutting it off and producing a punchy staccato feel) and relaxing your fingers before you play the string (producing a quiet sound of indeterminate pitch - a "ghost note"). Often the two techniques are used together - by adding both space (staccato notes) and a halfway stop between space and note (ghost notes), it can create the illusion of a lot more going on adding interest to a funky line.

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    The whole concept of a "ghost" note frightens me... :eek:
  9. Poor thing :)

    And as Always Alvaro ;) You're incredibly helpful. I'll try to get that ASAP.
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    Slapping ghost noites...
    Aeroplane by rhcp
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    Audioslave "Like a Stone"