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GHS Balanced Nickels or pressure wounds on a RIC 4003

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Nighttrain1127, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Nighttrain1127

    Nighttrain1127 Supporting Member

    Nov 27, 2004
    Near Worcester MA
    Anyone have experience using GHS BN's Or PW's on a RIC? I just picked one up and I do not like rounds so I am looking for info from people that have used these strings. Experiences good or bad are welcome.
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  2. Nighttrain1127

    Nighttrain1127 Supporting Member

    Nov 27, 2004
    Near Worcester MA
    So it looks like no one has used these strings on a RIC?
  3. GIBrat51

    GIBrat51 Innocent as the day is long Supporting Member

    Mar 5, 2013
    Lost Wages, Nevada
    You might have better luck asking this question over on the Rickenbacker Club thread... I have light gauge Rick nickel rounds on my 4003, and some old La Bella flats on my 4001, so I have no experience with the strings you're asking about. But, from what I know, somebody has had a set of just about everything on a Rick at one time or another. At one time, I had EB Hybrid Slinkys on the 4003; I'd imagine that, if they're anything like the Slinkys, they won't sound bad at all. I'd ask the people in the club...:thumbsup:
  4. dagrev

    dagrev Supporting Member

    Jun 21, 2006
    I've had a Ric and still use the PWs and BNs. I would think the PWs would sound great, though I never tried them on my Ric. I'd be shocked if they didn't sound pretty dog gone good.
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  5. Arthur U. Poon

    Arthur U. Poon

    Jan 30, 2004
    SLC, Utah -USA-
    Endorsing Artist: Mike Lull Custom Basses
    I'm a huge fan of PWs, but I haven't tried a set on my Ric yet. I've mostly used groundwounds on it; Brite Flats or D'Addario Half Rounds, but my guess is PWs would sound great on a Ric.
  6. fretlessman71

    fretlessman71 Supporting Member

    Can you describe the difference in tone and feel between GHS Balanced Nickels and Pressurewounds? Trying to choose a set for my recently acquired Yamaha BB415, and thinking vintage tone rather than bright 'n' gritty.
  7. For "vintage", maybe the Balanced Nickels. Pure nickel warmth with deep, focused lows and very smooth mids. The PWs would have tighter lows with some added crunch in the mids.
  8. dagrev

    dagrev Supporting Member

    Jun 21, 2006
    What Michael-t said. Of those two the BNs are the way to go. The PWs sound good in many if not most settings, but by themselves they do not have a vintage sound. Then again, from my usages I found the BNs to not really fit what I think of as a vintage string either. Definitely going in that direction if thinking vintage is less bright and clanky, but not entirely so from what I experienced. They are kind of "present" in a very slightly aggressive way--and in a good way. They stand out and don't just get lost in a mix (depending on what they are on and played through). If you really want vintage--GHS Precision Flats! I don't know of a better vintage sounding string--including LaBellas which were around in the "vintage" days.
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