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For Sale/Trade GHS, D'addario strings UPDATE

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by kwdemo, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Price:
    the GHS sets are still available. New, unused, and sitting in original packaging. On the Boomer set, I added a high 'C' string (identical brand) to a 5 string set to make it a 6. Come and get 'em. Take both sets for $44 shipped

    1 set 5 string GHS Custom Shop, .30-.45-.65-.80-.100, $23 shipped
    1 set 6 string GHS Boomers, .30-.45-.65-.80-.100-.126, $28 shipped

    I also have quite a few D'Addario Prosteel High C strings, .030 guage FS. PM me if you need a few, I am keeping some but have a bunch. $5 shipped each

    Trades? who knows

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    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
  2. lmfreeman9

    lmfreeman9 Supporting Member

    Sep 1, 2007
    PM coming
  3. FranF

    FranF Supporting Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    Northeastern PA
  4. Rapisme

    Rapisme Supporting Member

    Dec 5, 2007
    Are the Smiths still available? I'll take them if they are?
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
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    Apr 10, 2021

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