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  1. Does anybody use ghs strings? Are they any good? And do different gauges have different sounds? I don't know like anything about electric bass strings.
  2. By the way whats the difference between slowound and regular strings? And whats the differeence between roundwound and flatround?
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    Aug 25, 2001
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    I am kinda in the same boat. I just started playing and I need new strings for my Bass. I really don't understand all the differences. Some one told me to start with GHS Bass boomers and go from there.

    If anyone here can point me to a good string FAQ that would be great.


  4. If you are just starting out on bass, I would recommend that you buy Nickel Round Wounds strings and get what ever brand is cheap. Once you are really comfortable with your bass and your playing, then you can go spend more then $20 on strings, but until then, I would suggest cheap is good. If you are not really "tuned in" to the instrument yet, you probably won't have the ear to appreciate the differences in string brands.

    It has been my expierence that D'Addario XL's are the best bang for your buck. A good sound for a really low price.

    DR Hi-Beams are probably my favorite sounding strings, but they are more expensive then a lot of brands.

    Don't forget, this is just my opinion.
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    Apr 6, 2000
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    I'm a staunch supporter of GHS. I made Brite Flats my string of choice for years. The only problem is that they no longer make them in a 4-string .100 set, so I've had to look elsewhere. I use the .098 set on my Epiphone. The Pressurewounds are also nice, and those are on my Hamer.
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    Nov 24, 2000
    The BG Strings forum here of course. Do some searchin' :D.

    Here are a couple good articles from Bass Player mag...
    String Design and How to install`em.

    Some USER submitted reviews from the B.G.R.A (Bass Gear
    Review Archive) here.

    FAQ response from
    Happy huntin' and don't go too deep in debt tryin' to find
    the "right" string. Believe me, it's REAL easy to do :p.

    On that note, here's a good place to buy`em...Just Strings.

    `Course, when all the smoke clears, you'll be glad you went
    with Thomastik-Infeld :rolleyes::D.
  7. I don't like GHS at all.
    DR strings are my fav, too expensive though.