Gibson EB-4 & EB-5 wiring discussion (volume taper, phase, etc)

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Jefenator, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Aug 22, 2008
    I just got a 2013 Gibson EB-5 and I really love it. It's like someone slapped a nifty modern bridge onto some rare specimen from the 1960s. And it's a 5'er!! I like the general response of each pickup and the choice to go series humbucking or single coil.

    One thing I am not so crazy about is the taper of the volume pots. Most of the action happens between 9 and 10 - essentially no blending nuance.

    Of greater concern is the way the two pickups interact when both are on. A lot of the low frequency "thickness" gets canceled out - more so than on any other dual pickup bass I've ever tried. It does still seem like a potentially usable setting but I'm going to need a foot switch boost to match levels if I'm going to go from one pickup to both & back in the middle of a set. (Not my preferred way to roll.)

    I went so far as to check the wiring but I'm fairly certain that is correct. Both pickups are hooked up the same on their respective pots & switches. With both set for single coil, they do cancel each other's hum. (If one were backwards it should be doubling, not canceling hum.)


    Maybe that's just how these pickups are. The bridge pickup does seem thicker on its own than most other bridge pickups. (So maybe that's the tradeoff: more "solo boom", less "blend".)

    I am curious to hear from others who have played and/or tinkered with these EB-5s (or the 4-string variant). Is this "thin blend" thing normal? (If not is there a potential fix?) Does a 500K CTS audio taper push/pull pot yield a better taper? Anyone try a 3-way switch or a blend pot? Or the pickups in parallel? Did Gibson change anything on the newer models?

    Thanks in advance!