SOLD Gibson EB-5 2013 natural ash (with upgraded parts)

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    I had every intention of keeping this Gibson bass and refinishing it Pelham Blue... but have to let it go to pay some bills. It’s in nice condition (8.5/10) with some marks here and there (buckle rash & pickguard swirl, which barely show in the pics), but nothing serious on the front of the body or neck.

    The bass weighs 8 lbs with the Hipshot aluminum bridge and Gotoh Res-o-lite tuners. Excellent balance, and really as cool a passive bass as you will ever encounter. The push/pull for single/humbucker for each pickup is just awesome. Totally quiet, great design.

    I have the original knobs, Babicz bridge, and Grover Y-tuners — you can have your choice (my “upgrades” or the originals) for $800, or take both for $950. The Dunlop Straploks are included.

    DF4A9893-5CD6-4CD2-BA61-E52E09AC62C4.jpeg F3689159-8C9F-49AD-AB61-D8A028276A19.jpeg 46952581-469C-4786-82E0-41597D994423.jpeg FFD7C204-C95D-4162-82BA-F918DEF12569.jpeg FFBEB939-3DCB-4DC3-8E7C-6B4C08885C99.jpeg 770FDBE3-FFDF-46F2-8332-CF36FCE0167F.jpeg 1464661F-3148-4B59-8675-28DF1FCB0D3E.jpeg B4F221A8-6337-4014-B345-6DD3C56A33FC.jpeg B65084AB-3482-4E5C-AC59-0FCD111786A0.jpeg 21564131-725D-48C5-A09B-DFDC63F997CB.jpeg 7242E0E4-3336-456F-8EF7-B822672D1C4D.jpeg

    I made two modifications: the edges of the fingerboard and frets have been very subtlety rounded smooth, and pots are now wired VOLUME (push/pull) — TONE (push/pull) — BALANCE. I just preferred that setup. Eric’s Guitars in Van Nuys did the work. (=$150 value)

    The fitted case is like new condition (never used). Shipping will be $50-$75 depending on your location. Or come meet me in southern California (Venice).

    Re trades: feel free to hit me up with your trade offer!

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