GIBSON G-3 1977 for sale

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  1. Gibson G3 schwarz, Ahorngriffbrett, Bj. 1977 zu verkaufen: technischer Zustand hervorragend, normale Gebrauchsspuren. Alles original, keine Modifikationen. Kommt inkl. Gibsonkoffer, an Selbstabholer (PLZ 71) oder Versand innerhalb Deutschlands. VHB 600.- EUR
    Kann natürlich lang und breit getestet werden. Anruf genügt 0173 1069525
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    Wow, anyone feel like translating that for me? Thanks....;)

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    Gibson G3 black, maple grasp board, Bj. to sell 1977: technical condition protruding, normal customs traces. All original, no modifications. Inclusive comes. Gibsonkoffer, at Selbstabholer (postal code 71) or dispatch within Germany. VHB 600.- EUR can be tested naturally long and broadly. Call is sufficient for 0173 1069525

    This was done with an online translator, so it's not great, but it's a start until soomeone who speaks German can do better.