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  1. Josh James

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    May 15, 2018
    Long time reader, first time posting here. I tried to search my issue but didn't quite get the answer I was looking for.

    I have a 76' Gibson G3 and the bridge pickup basically stopped responding. I put a reader on it and the middle and neck pickup read 10k and the bridge reads 3.0 or .3k; I can't remember which but much lower.

    So, I know repairing it would be next to impossible as incases w/ resin and I keep searching for any for sale but no luck so far. Does anybody know of anybody who remakes or rebuilds custom pickups? I even tried contacting Wilde USA that Bill Lawrence is part of but they didn't get back to me.

    Any help would be grateful bc I don't like only using the 2 pickups. Thanks!
  2. I think those may have been the same pickups as in the S-1 guitar? I’m sure someone will confirm. If so, those do pop up occasionally on eBay or Reverb.
  3. Josh James

    Josh James Guest

    May 15, 2018
    I had wondered the same thing myself but I couldn't find a real answer on them.
  4. Well, if the dimensions are the same and the mounting screws line up, I’m sure the pickup would work in there. Unfortunately, I don’t have those measurements. I had an S-1 but sold it years ago. Kinda wish I didn’t but nothing to do about it now.

    They’re sold but this guy seems to be saying that they are the same pickup.

    Bill Lawrence Gibson S-1, Marauder, G-3 Single Coil Pickups 1978 Black
  5. Josh James

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    May 15, 2018
    Hmm I'll have to look deeper into this. From what I understand the middle G3 pickup is reverse wound or something, which differs from the other two; but S-1 bridge for G3 bridge may be a winner. Thanks for the info bc I'll be doing some research.
  6. As far as I can see, the Gibson part numbers are different; however they look re-markedly similar, even down to how the casing changes in the early 80's. Too bad that reverb listing is gone, $35/pup is a steal.
  7. Josh James

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    May 15, 2018
    Damn, for $35 I would of bought it anyway and just tried it out. What sucks is looking back I bought the 3 pickups from Reverb for $100 shipped not long ago and even saw a second set for sale for a bit more. Now nothing.
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  8. Damn, for $35 I would of bought it anyway and just tried it out. What sucks is looking back I bought the 3 pickups from Reverb for $100 shipped not long ago and even saw a second set for sale for a bit more. Now nothing.[/QUOTE]
    I have a spare Grabber neck that I picked up over a decade ago when the Kalamazoo Factory clear out happened. It’s rough and has the truss in place. I remember loads of parts going but at the time I had about £100 to spare so bought was I was mostly likely to break of my G3 and Grabber; the headstock. I haven’t really looked after it and don’t even know if it would be usable. No FB or any holes drilled.

    (Edit) just found it. 29Jan80.

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  9. Josh James

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    May 15, 2018
    So I've been searching daily for a replacement pickup, only one I've found so far was this:
    Gibson S1 Bill Lawrence single coil pickup , new old stock | eBay

    Not too sure of how this will work in the bridge position though. He states "any position" but again not familiar w these pickups but perhaps someone here might be?
  10. So, this thread has got me interested and a few things came up in my search...

    From a previously respected TB'er who used to build pick ups - further research into him would suggest not to bother contacting him though - Similar pups to Gibson G3

    And: Gibson G3 Pickups

    Good wiring schematics: Gibson G3 wiring help

    It's suggested as though the S-1 and G3 pups were the same - although the resistances maybe different...
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  11. I was under the impression with that S-1 I used to have that the middle pickup was reverse wound / reverse polarity so it humbucked when 2 pickups were on. Could be remembering incorrectly though.
  12. This comes up for the G3 as well. Beyond my pay grade to be honest... I’m just book marking all the links in case I end up in this situation! :thumbsup:
  13. Yeah, I mean, if you end up with two middle pickups, put the middles at the neck and bridge and the other one in the middle and it will do the same thing. If they are all the same then you’ll get single coil hum. If you can live with that...
  14. Josh James

    Josh James Guest

    May 15, 2018
    Well the guy took my offer for $50 on that pickup, so I'm willing to give it the college try. I doubt it'll sound like the stock G3 bridge pickup but I'm going to try it there and then I'll update here for future reference.
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  15. ofajen


    Apr 12, 2007
    92.4W 38.9N
    You should at least give Tom Brantley a call just to see if there is any chance to rebuild it. He was able to wind a new coil for the bridge pickup in my Ripper Bass, though it wasn’t in resin.


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  16. 96tbird

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    Seems to me (g-3 owner) that the likelihood of the coil winds gone bad in the resin encased pup is very small maybe astronomical and it would actually be a break in the wire where it exits the resin. At this point you have nothing to lose by clearing away resin from the wire with a dremel and soldering a new one on below the resin level.

    Nothing to lose.

    As you can see in this pic, theres lots of resin to work with. E5D28B74-6B43-42B6-A4B8-C3B9522ADEA8.jpeg
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  17. Josh James

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    May 15, 2018
    As of last nice I installed the S-1 pickup so got in bridge position and despite only having one old string available it worked and sounded fine, so far. My plan is exactly as you said; I'm going to try and dig some of the resin out and see about repairing the wires. It had to be a pickup issue though bc the new pickup reads the same as the other two and actually makes a sound like it's supposed to. The original G3 p/u didn't make any sound at all.
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  18. 96tbird

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    Thats correct about the middle pickup. But in the g3 the middle pickup is always on in each switch position so its always a humbucking system.

    Bridge + middle, all, or neck + middle.

    Pickups are distinguisable by lead colors. Orange black is neck, orange orange is middle, orange red is bridge. The orange leads on the left when the two lead end is facing you are the magnet grounds.
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  19. Interestingly my G3 has a middle pup on/off switch - I get no buzzing.
    Mine dates to '76 but apparently this was a pre-production thing but I can't find anymore info to confirm and the pots that are installed I'm not so sure they're original and the dates have been completely smeared in solder. I'll get into those soon enough
  20. Josh James

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    May 15, 2018
    That's what I wasn't sure about; when the middle pup was activated. The switch is a 3 way so I assumed middle position meant middle pup only, but then I've read the "buck and a half" label of these pickups so your post made it all make sense now.