SOLD Gibson Les Paul Bass Guitar (LPB-1) 1993 Cherry

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    Gibson Les Paul Bass (LPB-1, cherry finish, ebony fingerboard, all black hardware) (1993)

    Mid-90's Les Paul bass with completely passive electronics, including Thunderbird pickups, and a beautiful transparent cherry finish.

    Ebony fingerboard, all black hardware, brand new Schaller bridge installed. This was a great era for the Les Paul bass, with a great heavy tone from the T-Bird pickups and ebony fingerboard. Frets and body are in great condition for an almost 30-year old bass.

    Comes with a well-padded gig bag.

    Shipping to continental US included in full price.

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    Nice! what is the scale length?
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    Looks like 34.0” to 34.5” from the nut to the bridge, depending on how you measure it. (See photos below.)

    234094A7-B0F7-4FD0-B7D5-357E442FA82E.jpeg AFC6CD38-2F85-453E-83F4-3A82ACED7773.jpeg