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Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by John Webb, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. John Webb

    John Webb

    Apr 20, 2006
    My P bass is sitting on it's stand at a gig Friday night.........a drunkard comes up on stage during break and says "That's a Gibson right" and starts rubbing the left side says "I can tell by this part right here...."
    Funny but I wonder if I should have gently escorted him to another area............
  2. TheGrizz


    Nov 19, 2007
    Athol, MA
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    haha I've had a similar experience. I was playing a show at a local club that happens to be near a military base. There was a bunch of Marines in full dress uniform at the show. They were getting pretty drunk, but they were a great crowd. I went outside for a butt, and one of them asked what year my bass was. He thought it was vintage, but it's just a Geddy Lee. We got talking about gear and he said he had a "1969 Pre-CBS Fender Jazz Bass with PAF pickups". I just tried not to laugh and politely excused myself.
  3. Probably just as well. I've had less threatening - but just as dumb - Coasties promise to kick my ass for correcting similar observations. Marines probably would follow through.:eek:
  4. TheGrizz


    Nov 19, 2007
    Athol, MA
    Sponsored Artist: Free Idea Clothing
    Yeah, I didn't want to tick any of them off, so I went back inside. I didn't want to get beat on by 10 drunk Marines.
  5. akaTRENT


    Jan 10, 2009
    New Jersey
    I have PAF decals that were never used if anyone wants haha. no joke.
  6. Try again, bucko. I was in a couple of conversations at one time and lit to the max, but I never said anything about PAFs in a Fender. I have been known to throw BS around in a conversation to see who I am actually talking too, by the way, so the 69 pre-CBS comment, if I said that, might have been along those lines. AND, I was asking if your bass was a RI of some kind, kind of a conversation starter really since I don't really know too many bassists around here. If someone says something really outlandish call em on it. Might be surprised what they say. I mean, considering the other things I did say about guitars, does it seem very likely that I would be that ignorant? And further, if you are the guy I think you are (Long hair, around my height, 17-20 years old) we talked for quite some time as I recall. Props for capitalizing Marine, by the way. Few people realize it is not a generic term, but a title. And as I recall I liked your band, the only one there that did much for me.

    And to the poor fellow accosted by the Puddle Pirates. What about his story made it seem that he was threatened?
    Don't know what limited experience you may have with the military, but I don't think you'll ever come across a Marine threatening a teenager unless he ran his mouth about a subject he should not have. Even in that case, darn skippy he'd catch a whoopin, probably without a word of warning.

    I didn't get super hammered until after that anyway. Quiz me sometime if you think I'm BSing you now. Patents Applied For is a term I've heard used for early Gibson humbuckers, generally P-90s found in Flying V's, Les Pauls, and the like. If I am wrong about that then I do need some brushing up. And CBS bought Fender around the spring of 65, so 64 and older would apply. Some 65s technically are pre-cbs, and I would guess are the rarer ones considering the takeover was mid model year. I do have experience with vintage Fender's though I have never owned one, my best friend and fellow Marine has a 61 P and my uncle as several Pre-CBS Fenders amongst his roughly 75 vintage guitars. Think I mentioned that as well.
  7. dukaruk


    Mar 12, 2008
    Saint Louis, MO
    Is that a joke? If not, I can't believe what a small world this is.
  8. Nope no joke.
  9. TheGrizz


    Nov 19, 2007
    Athol, MA
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    Hey! My name is Jimmy, I have longish hair, and I'm 20. You got that spot on. I do believe we talked for quite a while. Maybe I got my signals crossed, but I clearly remember you saying something quite similar to what I typed. I never stated that you were in any way ignorant. I'm sorry if my original post came across as if I was cutting you down. I was simply sharing a story. We also talked about my dislike of hi-fi sounding amps, active basses, your Ric, and your Lakland. As well as a Modulus VJ that you used to own. Did I hit it on the head? Also, I did check out a Modulus VJ, as you suggested, and I really dug it. Thank you for adding more GAS to my fire.

    I didn't call you on it because I don't know you, and because I was raised to do otherwise. People don't like being corrected, and I don't enjoy it. For all I know you would have torn my head off. I've had experiences that were all to similar to this one, and some didn't end well. As for Marines accosting teens, I've seen it on multiple occassions in my hometown. And you yourself just alluded to a "whoopin" that could have occurred. How do I know what you consider out of line? It's a crazy world and I don't take chances.

    I'm glad you dug my band. I really am. I'd love to see you at another show sometime. I honestly enjoy seeing servicemen out at a show. We have gobs of respect for anyone in the Armed Services.

    However I do have to say this. You are still wrong about PAFs.

    The PAF was the world's first humbucking pickup designed by Seth Lover. There for it can not be a P-90 which is a single coil pick up. However to your credit they did use the same magnets. You can find various manufacturers that sell "PAF" pickups, but this name only refers to what they are trying to replicate. They are not real PAFs.

    Frankly, I thinks this whole thing is funny. I guess it really is a small world. I just don't appreciate that you thought I was a punk kid who didn't know his stuff. Especially when I didn't say anything that would draw that conclusion. A little elitist, if you ask me. My dad collects vintage guitars, and I worked in a guitar shop that specializes in vintage gear for 3 years.

    Also, thank you for the kudos on my use of capitalization, but my Grandfather was a Marine and he taught me that it needs to be capitalized.

    That being said the next time we have a show in NoHo I'd love to chill and shoot the crap with ya.
  10. Good to know on the PAF story. I knew the P-90 thing might be off, but all of billy gibbons' old gibsons he states are PAFs and look a lot like a P-90. I knew the PAF was the first humbucker, hence applying for the patent, but who and why and that it wasn't similar to a p-90 I did not.

    Hey, I wasn't angry, I just wanted the whole story out there, and if no one cared or believed me I could really give a rat's hindquarters. Opinions of me in an internet forum don't keep me up at night, but I'd prefer if Marines in general and this one in particular didn't come across as total **** talkers( any more than they deserve ;) ). I'm going to rant a bit more about it, but all in a lighthearted way. I too find the whole small world thing pretty funny. I didn't say you were a punk kid, either, I was taken aback by your knowledge that seemed to be beyond your years and mine for that matter. To think that until I read that I figured it was you talking out of your sphincter! I guess it was pretty decent of you not to say anything at the time, but I do similar stuff when people start telling "I was a Marine too" stories. Generally I throw out an easy to spot pile of nonsense and see what they say about it. I guess I'm just a skeptic by nature. If that sounds like a pile of crap I don't particularly care. I know what I know. I don't know what I don't. I was wrong in my guess that you were talking jive, but don't take my doubt as a low blow. If I were you I would take that to your credit. Kind of reminds me of a sleeper car, doesn't look like much but will blow you away without trying. I love it when someone under estimates me. In fact I am pretty amazed that you remembered the conversation! Still, to my credit, can you not admit that any such comment about 69 pre cbs jazzes (with or without humbucking guitar pickups :) ) seemed a bit off in the mix of the general coversation?

    Having that kind of knowledge at 20 is extremely impressive, not just in terms of guitars but in terms of the fact that most kids of our generation are a bunch of slobbering idiots. I'm only 5 years older than you, a bit more world weary in some aspects, but certainly of the same generation, and I can't stand any of them. I can't say I worried about it much up until now, but it is pretty cool to find out down the road that you were well out of the stereotype and hadn't just memorized a bunch of reviews in the MF catalogue and tried to regurgitate that into conversation. I had a pretty good idea by the time we quit talking gear that that probably wasn't the case, but you have confirmed it now. Just a peice of my life experience though, if you tactfully call someone out on stuff like that they are generally pretty cool about it. Someone who is straight up full of it will get ticked off and throw a hissy fit because they know they look stupid. Someone who really knows what they are saying will calmly react. Eh, call it anthropological expirimentation.
  11. OH yeah, forgot. Out of line is anything in the "baby killer" department. Any any Marines you see accosting teenagers without cause are a bunch of punks and I'd set em straight much sooner than I'd whoop a kid just out running his mouth. Most real Marines would agree. However, considering the area you live in, it is entirely possible that some of those kids had it coming. Hard to say if neither of us are involved. You are right that stereotypes and generalities can be wrong, but they are a good starting point with people since they got that way somehow. I misjudged you, and you misjudged me, but that doesn't mean you misjudged all ****talking Marines and I misjudged all 18-25 year olds in a hippy commune disguised as a city.
  12. I love TalkBass. It really is such a small world.

    Also, props on the history lesson with the PAF/P-90 thing. Thats stuff i didnt know (add it to the pile) and its appreciated.

    I wish people wanted to talk tech with me at shows, most of the bass players i speak to just go blank when i start talking about even maunfactorers of basses, nevermind vintage/pickup/hardware options.
    They come from the 'well someones gotta play bass' school

    im from the 'sod playing chords' school ;)

    oh, and abit from the 'LOL omgz w00t chk dat Base PLaya Flee from da chili peppas' school

    its a hard-knock life
  13. :)

    I'd oblige you in tlaking about gear at shows, but alas, as small as the world is I proably won't be in England any time soon.

    I find this whole experience very interesting. I really feel I was fortunate enough to meet a guy who didn't fit the stereotype, since most of the people around that night did and I won't change my opinion of that, it was substantiated a few times. IT is a hard knock life, but you gotta celebrate the small victories no matter how you can get em.
  14. John Webb

    John Webb

    Apr 20, 2006
    Well now......that post certainly did take an unexpected twist didn't it!!!

  15. Yeah, sort of odd. Still all is well in TB land as far as I know.
    Until I findo ut who stole my 69 pre CBS jazz. SOB even left me the PAFs.
  16. TheGrizz


    Nov 19, 2007
    Athol, MA
    Sponsored Artist: Free Idea Clothing
    Hey, there's no hard feelings. We both may have drawn some conclusions bases on information that was hanging in the air. Most of the time I just keep my mouth shut because I don't want to seem like a know it all. I just get tired of people assuming I'm green because I'm young. I thought what you said was a little off, but I've heard that sort of stuff before believe it or not.

    Anyway, If I knew you I would have corrected you, but I'm not about to jump all over someone I just met for something they said. I remember that stuff because I don't have many of those conversations at shows. Plus, I have a pretty good memory anyway.

    I will agree that most younger people exhibit a lack of knowledge about vintage instruments and many of the other technical aspects of guitars. I feel this is through lack of interest in the field. I've been around the "industry" for as long as I can remember, so that may be why I know what I do.

    Anyway, like I said before, there are no hard feelings. I was just sharing a story I found amusing.

  17. No doubt that is why you know what you do. I can tell you have good memory! I usually do too, but when we left there things proceeded to get really really fuzzy!
  18. dangerkirk


    Mar 31, 2008
    Owensboro, Ky
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