No longer available Gibson Thunderbird IV (2013)

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    Apr 2, 2013
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    For sale is a Gibson Thunderbird IV from 2013, I'm in need of cash at the moment so something has to go. :( Gibson USA Thunderbird IV Bass

    "The Gibson Thunderbird IV Electric Bass Guitar debuted in 1963 with the original Firebird guitar series. The most highly respected of all Gibson basses, it was reissued in 1987 with original reverse body styling and TB Plus ceramic magnet humbuckers. Its thunderous bass output is enhanced by a 9-ply mahogany-and-walnut neck that extends through the body. Mahogany wings, a rosewood fretboard, and black chrome hardware, black top-hat knobs and Grover tuners provide stunning dark looks. 34" scale, 20 frets."

    As said, it's a '13 model and I traded in my former bass to the Gibson at a local music store. Loved the playability, low action and overall vibe as well as the tone.

    The condition is good, aesthetically it's a bit worn already but nothing that affects the tone or the playability. Truss rod works well and the neck is straight, no problems there. The pickups sound great, they growl with that Thunderbird roar. Not exactly a bass for the player who wants a trebly/twangy tone. Anyhoo, sound clips can be provided if somebody wants them. Bass is currently strung with not-so-fresh Fender flatwounds, and has a nice low action without buzz. The electronics work as they should.

    The bass comes with its original hard case, but no case candy. The truss rod key is included. I've also installed a black, new Hipshot Supertone bridge. It's a vast improvement over the original bridge.

    Bass weighs 3.8 kilograms (8.38 pounds), a pretty light Birdie.

    Will preferrably ship within Europe.

    Shipping costs are included in the price!

    thunderbird1.jpg thunderbird2.jpg thunderbird3.jpg thunderbird4.jpg thunderbird5.jpg thunderbird9.jpg thunderbird13.jpg thunderbird15.jpg thunderbird10.jpg thunderbird11.jpg

    PRICE: 900 EUROS
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  2. Geraltino


    Apr 2, 2013
    A couple of new pictures, as I've installed a black Hipshot Supertone bridge onto the Thunderbird.




    Also I took the bass to a scale which showed 3.8 kilograms, which is roughly 8.38 pounds. A light bass!
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  3. Meshugoved


    May 19, 2013
    The great bass and deal!
    Good luck in sale!

    My neighboring bump!
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  4. Geraltino


    Apr 2, 2013
    The bass is now strung with Ernie Ball Cobalt Flatwounds in 50-110 gauge, sadly the D string broke from the bridge during the installation process. Had to substitute a Fender flatwound on its place.

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