Gig Advice - RIG/OVERKILL?

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  1. Rig advice???
    I've got a jazz gig at my local pub, and I have no clue how big it is as I've never been in it. Anyways, there will be a trumpet player, a trombone player, a drummer, a keyboardist and a guitarist. Do you guys assume for a local Pub that there'd be a PA system for the horns? If there is would it be a safe bet to NOT bring an amp for my keyboardist?

    Also, I have no objection in carrying ****, but I don't know if my Rig would be overkill? I'd LIKE to bring both my Avatar CB115 and the Peavey 410 but I have no clue if it'd fit on the stage. I get the tone I want from using both cabs, the avatar is nothing but lows and has NO highs because it lacks the tweeter, and the 4x10 cand definetly handle a Low B, but I feel that the 15 really adds low end as I play a 5 string. Plus I'll be soloing quite a bit and I'd need the tweeter in the 410... I'm just wondering if you guys have been in the same situation. I have no clue how big the stage is, how big of crowd it will be yet (I'd figure atleast 30-50 if not more)... Do you think bringing my 15 along would be overkill? If I can only bring one cab it'd have to be the 410 just because my 15 does not allow me to be clear when I'm soloing which is usually up high.

    If there's anyone here in CT who's played at Cheshire Pub, do they have a house PA where I'd not have to worry about bringing a keyboard amp? My keyboardist only has a 15 watt fender bass amp so you know how that is... that's not really an amp...

    There's no set date yet, we still gotta rehearse with the guitarist who got us the gig. But if there's anyone around here and CT and wants to come check me out, drop me a PM or something. I'm KILLING for someone on this board to actually hear me play. Wish I had a date I could give you for the gig. But if I had a date date I'd keep her...

    babble babble... so tell me people

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    Mar 14, 2002
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    Bring it all, leave the 15 in the car if you have to.
  3. hey, you're in new york, come on up!:meh: :eek: :D
  4. I have a few comments/suggestions.

    First, never assume a club provides any gear. In my area, clubs don't provide any gear, including a pa. You should contact the club and ask what, if any, equipment they provide. Also, you said it was a local place, take some time and check the place out. Introduce yourself, check out the stage area, and ask to look at the gear they provide. If they do provide gear, check out another band that's playing there, and decide if the equipment is top quality or if you need to bring your own gear.

    If space isn't an issue, maybe you should bring the gear, just in case you need it. This way you'll have a backup.

    As far as the keyboardist, that would his/her decision. Does that person always play through their amp? If you don't bring the amp, can you run the keyboard through monitors?

    The bass rig. I own that same Peavey 410. For a crowd as small as you stated, it would be fine on its own. I've used the 410 for crowds up to 200. it has plenty of low end. But again, if hauling the gear isn't an issue, why not bring it along? It won't take up extra space on stage...not if it's stacked.

    My .02

  5. why not just call the venue and ask if they have a house PA, but ya I would bring both and use just the 4x10 if the whole rig is overkill

    edit...what he said ^
  6. yeah i brought the 410 wih me to a gig wednesday for a smaller outdoor show... It had good lowend, but a 15 is always great too... I might think about getting a 210 for these exact situations and use the 410 for rock situations...
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    Had the same Peavey 410...loved it! Got GS112s and haven't looked back. In your situation, if stage size is an issue, go vertical with your more "footprint" and all of the oomph. If you don't need the extra cab, I'd take the 410 and relax.

  8. the good thing about the Avatar CB 115 is it's small and still has pretty awesome lowend! It's small so you can stand it upright and stick an amp on top perfectly (and I have casters on the bottom)... And I can flip it on it's side and stick that 410 on top and use it like a normal rig, just with a minimized size of the cab of the 15" if you know what I'm saying... I dunno, I'm toying with the idea of an avatar 210 for gigs when a 410 used with a 15 WOULD DEF. be overkill
  9. My guitarist was booked as a last minute replacement for another player, he turned up at the gig only to be surprised to see the other guy doing a the time he got back to his car it was GONE GONE GONE

    Just keep it in mind.........Lukaas
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    You should be glad there is even a pub :D

    I grew up in Cheshire and there was NO MUSIC anywhere in town up to 1981 (when I moved to Boston area).

    Why don't you just GO SEE what they have for PA since you live in town!!
  11. oh man:(

    My teacher who was able to book us aid that this may be more than a one time deal for FRIDAY NIGHTS:(

    Why am I using those smilies? Because the rest of the members are all heading out to college in a month:bawl:

    I suppose even if my combo plays one or two gigs there, I might be able to play there again with another group if I ask my teacher (who will probably not be my teacher anymore, I'm hopefully starting lessons with Jeff Fuller starting in the fall...)

    Oh man... I get offered multiple gigs, this jazz groups been around for about a year with no gigs and just as we get offered friday nights they all gotta go to college:oops:

    I'm going into my sophomore year in HS and was lucky to play with the seniors...
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    If it was me I would bring all of my stuff. The horn guys don't need much room. Make sure the trombone guy stands in front of you so you don't get hit in the back of the neck whan he pushes that slidey thing out. But seriously, some of these places don't even have a stage so you you may just be able to spread out. On the other hand they may shove you in a corner next to the bar with one outlet(ungrounded). I would check the pubs schedule and see if any other bands are going to play soon. Go check the place out when a band is playing so you can hear how much sound they are putting out and see how they set up.
  13. atleast I can say I'm ready for that stuff! I've got an adapter for that, lol:p just one though and it's beign used on an ungrounded extension cable:oops: