For Sale Gig bags and flatwound strings...

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    Jan 2, 2014
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    New Fender Traditional gig bag for sale. As new with tags, no tears or damage. $25 shipped. Stock pic for now, the one for sale is the same type.


    Lightly used LaBella Jamerson flats. Les than 5 hours play time on them. Put them on my old P and then went back to my jazz basses. Cut for my MIM Precision bass.
    .52 .73 .95 .110 $25 shipped

    New Ernie Ball Cobalt Flatwound bass strings. New in package. Great defined tone with a flatwound.
    .55 .75 .90 .110 $30 shipped

    I prefer Paypal, any questions let me know. I may add a few more items once I get my parts box dug out. I know I have a MIM P pick guard in white that can go, too.
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