Gig boards with crazy effects / bored of utility pedals?

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  1. IMG_3133.JPG Hi all...

    Just a little curious for those that play hard rock / metal and have a pretty "serious" board, do you use any crazy effects or fun effects? ( our band is along the likes of godsmack/stonesour with a heavier singer)

    My dilemma is first world problems, just slightly bored with my board! ( board above, excuse the untidy, tidied up now)

    I only use chorus, OD, distortion and occasional Wah... with pitch shifter set to double detune for a crazier chorus... don't have a place for fuzz in the mix, and really not using aftershock except for a rat setting. and can't think of what else... flanger / filter? (Own digitech bass synth Wah and boss bf3). I'm not sure they would fit without sounding too fake / funky just as fuzz destroys too much in the mix despite being a 4 piece.

    Is their anything crazy yet fitting I could use? My only real thought is to replace aftershock with subdecay noise box for a fixed filter that goes chaotic..
    Unless anyone has used aftershock for this in a similar way?
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  2. jefkritz


    Oct 20, 2007
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    I don't necessarily play hard rock / metal, but enjoy the genre. You could consider an envelope filter before your distortion - filter into distortion plays quite nicely. I have a DOD FX25B that I like a lot, but there are countless great filters out there.

    Also, octaves are great fun. I have a POG and love it. The OC2 gets a lot of love, and the nano-POG is a simpler but also great version of the POG.
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  3. Alien8


    Jan 29, 2014
    Your Delay / Pitchshifter has some excellent weirdness in it, and using an expression pedal will help it...

    If you are intent on sticking to what has been done in the genre before, then experiment with different bass tones and drives. An EQ or a low pass filter could help here, but youalsohave the Aftershock which will do that for you already.

    Flangers are useable too.

    If you want to experiment a bit more, maybe look at a Subdecay Vitruvian Mod. Its a ringmod with a bunch of really cool features that will give you some different textures.

    You have most of the genre covered in the standard way, so moving outside of that box will open up options. If your band members are open to trying new things, start with what you have and explore from there.

    What do your bass playing influences use? Can you incorporate something they do? What about a blended synth voice?
  4. Jakeman

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    I agree with adding a filter of some sort, but maybe something a little out of the box (ie not funky) for your style of music. I also urge you to not give up on fuzz - maybe look for a non-Muff fuzz that doesn't cause the mix issues you mentioned - something gated and sharper that doesn't blow out the mix. That being said, if you're looking for something strange and inspiring, I'd take a look at Iron Ether stuff. Most unique yet useful pedals out there, IMO. Earthquaker Devices are also fun for this.
  5. tshapiro

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    I would definitely try a big muff fuzz. To my ears it sounds kind of bad by itself but in a live mix its the bomb! The Bass Big Muff Deluxe has and additional Low Pass / High Pass section which can produce some funky sounds as well. Also, they have a blend knob which allows them to fit in the mix well. I use the smaller big muff version bc I don't have that much pedal board space.

    DOD Meatbox is also awesome, but, your amp/sound system has got to be able to handle the super crazy lows. fuzz into the meatbox is indescribable!
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  6. Expression pedal for the PS3 hides in the top of my gator tote ;) tried it once but maybe need to try again with lesser values, going one octave blended to two octaves up was probably a bit much, fun but not serious.
    Thinking might look at filter / ring mod suggestions thanks. That and keep an eye on iron ether stuff, GASing for an oxide but haven't seen one for sale for ages (not helping im in Australia!). For fuzz I've tried tentacle love super fuzz, earthbound super collider and aftershock muff engines, could still be a good one out there so will have to keep looking.

    Cheers for suggestions guys
  7. (Influences range from the usual, Tool, ratm, mastodon, stone sour, godsmack, Metallica, machine head, soul fly, to stuff like Minsk, pelican, Russian circles, leprous, devildriver. I've been looking at what pedalboards I can find on online but trying to find an obscure bassist and what dirt pedal he used is not always easy! That and cos we play in drop B or C always need a clean blend cos I don't have the money to bi amp or Tri amp!)
  8. Nighttrain1127

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    There are tons on Engines in that Aftershock . There should be something in there that would work for you.
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  9. Driven Crane

    Driven Crane

    May 30, 2014
    a bit later i'll post my new final board, after some rearrangements.
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  10. Korladis

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    I never use a clean blend. I always just have my distortion louder than my clean so that lows are retained.
  11. I'm rarely playing clean. 66 mini is always on bar when I turn it off for quiet passages. Playing low B distortion / fuzz by itself is too compressed though, may work for you but I'll always blend at least a tiny bit. Curious to know what you're using though if there is anything that gets close with just using it by itself.
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  12. JimmyM

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    I have an instrumental band that's pretty hard rocking, but every time I've used a crazy pedal, it hasn't worked out at all, and I end up sticking with OD, fuzz, octavers, and a little chorus/flange. If I were you, I'd visit and watch some of Juan Alderete's videos talking about his pedals to get some ideas.
  13. Thanks jimmy... good idea, I don't want to do a Doug wimbish or Justin chancellor. Just want to push the boundaries / tones for the songs I get areas to do something in. After playing in a thrash Band i realised I get bored easily.
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  14. Can't they all just get along?

    I Love Utility pedals, AND I also love crazzzzzy effects.

    Best of both worlds.

    Try unique sounds for brief moments in songs so that nobody gets sick of "that sound", such as during an intro or outro or middle 8 or chorus or verse etc.
    Get a small mixer pedal such as the Boss Line Selector or similar and mix in some weird sound just below your regular tones. Like a clean blend, but it doesn't have to be clean ex. Flanger subtly mixed in with an aggressive dirt tone — not obvious, but adds that je ne c'est quoi and is obvious it's not there once you turn it off.

    Your 4-piece band is what: 2 guitars drums and bass or...?

    If your band doesn't have a keyboard player, then maybe get something going that's synthy sounding for some between song pads to fill the gaps.


    Prunes & Custard


    Death By Audio Robot

    - Into the Unknown
    - Arcadiator
    - Raygun Youth Fuzz
    - Flawed Logic
    - many more to choose from
    - Jawari

    - Roland Funny Cat Clone

    Looking for Strange and Unique Pedals


    - VFE Bumble Bee (you'll have to buy used
    - Boss Slow Gear or clone *BYOC and others
    - Malekko Sneak Attack

    Check out some Dwarfcraft
    - Great Destroyer
    - Wizard of Pitch
    - Arf
    - Gears

    - Clari(not)
    - pitch pirate
    - Demo Tape Fuzz
    - Random Number Generator
    - Glitch Computer

    Anything, but really you should get all of it. It's all good.

    Bit Crushers & sample reducer pedals.

    Feedback looper pedal

    Anything with "Lofi" in the name.


    Different dirt for every song, that'd keep you busy and fill your pedalboard...
  15. Thanks, this is pretty much what I was looking for in suggestions. Looks like I'm going to need a bigger pedalboard hah!
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  16. Cheers!

    I wrote my previous post just before falling asleep, in fact, I fell asleep before hitting "post reply". Now that I'm awake and have re-read the thread and its new posts...

    Ahhhh ... we have different definitions of "utility pedal" and "crazy effects"... and Justin Chancellor is barely borderline crazy, but Doug Wimbish is INSANE!
    And the latter part of that statement was a compliment.

    Are you seeing utility as standard FX? (OD, chorus, maybe wah...)

    To me Utility is stuff like the Divaricator, mute switch, global tap tempo, or the Line Selector — switchers, routers, mixers, loopers, expression pedals...
    ... none of which you have on your board. You have no utility pedals.​

    Glad to help!
    Definitely check the Prunes and Custard, B:assmster or Fairfield Circuitry's Four Eyes Fuzz, they're usable.
    Great Destroyer might not fit in as easily.
    Gated fuzzes might be worth experimenting with, Fairfield's Unpleasant Surprise, a Brown Dog (is Chunk Systems still in business? May have to find it used) or dial in a gated fuzz on the Aftershock, if it can do gated.
    gated fuzz


    You have a lot of great stuff to work with already! GET CRAZY! Start experimenting.

    Dial in some extreme settings on any/all of your pedals:
    Some sea-sick modulation on your chorus and then fire up both your Hardwire Delay and your Boss Pitchshifter Delay and run those through your wah... THEN Add OTT distortion from the Aftershock.

    Try running different pedals in different places in your chain. Get a switcheroo pedal built (RoadRage) so that you can switch things around on the fly. For example: in one song you may want dirt before your wah and in another song (or different parts of the same song — whatever) you want the wah feeding into the dirt. Of course, smart switcher-loopers such as the ES-5 etc can re-order effects.

    Definitely try a feedback looper such as Fairfield Circuitry's "Operator!?" or from Road Rage (RR can also do the effects order switcher for you).
    There are others, but any local DIY solderer can solder up a feedback looper easily, ask your local amp tech.

    Those two simple little pedals, the switcheroo and the feedback looper, will add tons of new tones and/or craziness to what you've already got.

    The number one utility pedal that is under-realised and hence under-utilised:


    I recommend the Empress Para EQ, 'cause its killer AND you get an extremely great BOOST that operates independently of the EQ (or not depending on how you set up the pedal, the boost can come on with the EQ).
  17. Adienn7


    Jan 26, 2007
    Amigo quit thinking too much. you're bored it seems. you have a weird pedal on your board (PS3, every setting on that pedal is fun plus it does a reverse delay) and one of the best distortions out there(MBD-1).
    but anyway try a Bit crusher that should be a fun thing to mess with. or hell try a bass whammy if you want something to fiddle with while you play.
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  18. Yeah I use those two in bad context maybe? A lot of JC could work but without the extreme pitch shifting, doing extreme with combined effects in an intro to one of the songs with Pretty much every pedal on to make shimmery waterfall noises but limited myself to that noise. And by utility I mean yeah making "serious" pedals like just an enhancement to tone instead of over the top like a bit crushed or crazy destroy the mix fuzz. But looks like I got a few things to check out and experimenting to do.
  19. I play in a heavy metal band, and have plenty of dirt to mess with. To broaden your dirt selection (i.e. add a muff) I would recommend the Black Arts Pharaoh Supreme. It's a one stop muff pedal that can do pretty much any muff tone, and plenty of other fuzz tones as well.

    As for weird, I second flanger suggestions and envelope filters, but again, as previously noted, sometimes less is more. Use those tones for short sections, intros, outros, etc. so people don't get tired of it. My favorite flangers are the DOD FX75B and Joyo Classic Flange. They can both be had for about $40. They're nothing crazy, effects wise, but are solid and sound great. I also recommend the MXR Bass Envelope Filter and 3Leaf Proton.

    As for effects order, I always prefer dirt into filter, but you should always experiment with what sounds best to you.
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  20. TheLowDown33

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    Jul 4, 2009
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    Okay, I'm just gonna say it...if you have the money, get yourself an Eventide H9. It's a pretty much a blank slate and you can put anything from delay to reverb to bit crushing on it. It's super editable and the beat part is you can run it with an fx loop so you can change the order of where the effect is. If money is a limiting factor, a line 6 M5 or M9 or a Zoom will serve you well.
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