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  1. Yes, i was bored today....

    ;;;Call Function like (gig T 23 400)

    ;;;mustang_Sally_flag (T or nil)
    ;;;#songs (Integer)
    ;;;cash_expected (Integer)

    ;;;Usage of mustang_Sally_flag:
    ;;;Set to T (True) if
    ;;; a)forced to play mustang sally
    ;;; b)forced to play brown eyed girl
    ;;; c)forced to play stuff which generally raises beer consumption of band
    ;;; d)it's very hot
    ;;; e)it's got high humidity
    ;;; f)it's very cold
    ;;; g)it's very dry
    ;;; h)it's the birthday of a bandmember

    ;;;For simplicity's sake, T for mustang_sally_flag can be used without too much worrying.

    (defun gig (mustang_sally_flag #songs cash_expected / band setup beer_quantity inc cash_actual)

    ;;;Putting the band together, setting basic variables:

    (setq band (list "voc" "git" "bs" "dr")

    setup 0

    teardown 0

    beer_quantity 0

    ;;;Setup Routine, if setup = 100 = Gig-ready.
    ;;;Note: increment 0 when voc is a optimistic value for testing,
    ;;;actual range may be -1 to -2.5
    (while (< setup 100)

    (foreach band_member band

    (if (= band_member "voc")

    ;;;voc's contribution to setup:
    (setq setup (+ 0 setup))

    ;;;Rob's (rest of band) contribution to setup:
    (Setq setup (1+ setup))




    ;;;Update beer_quantity
    (Setq beer_quantity (+ 4 beer_quantity))

    ;;;Here we go.
    ;;;Iterate through # of songs but first check
    ;;;for mustang_sally_flag.

    (if mustang_sally_flag (setq inc 1.2))

    (repeat #songs

    ;;;The 0.4 increment per song is guesstimation. Change for own flavour.
    (setq beer_quantity (+ (* inc 0.4) beer_quantity))


    ;;;Teardown+load-in routine. Note the cdr at the foreach,
    ;;;---> "voc" not available due to hot chick at the bar.
    ;;;Note: True hotness of chick decreases with beer_quantity.

    ;;;Teardown = 100 = ready to go home.

    (while (< teardown 100)

    (foreach band_member (cdr band)

    (Setq teardown (+ 0.8 teardown))

    ;;;Don't forget the last beers before leaving!
    (setq beer_quantity (+ 4 beer_quantity))

    ;;;But it's so funny right now!
    (setq beer_quantity (+ 4 beer_quantity))

    ;;;Hm, the other chick at the bar keeps getting hotter every time i look at her!
    (setq beer_quantity (+ 4 beer_quantity))

    ;;;Oh, she's your girlfriend? May invite the both of you? (Phew!)
    (setq beer_quantity (+ 4 beer_quantity))

    ;;;Time to calculate the earnings:
    (Setq cash_actual (- cash_expected beer_quantity))

    (if (> cash_actual 0) (princ "Good Gig!"))

    );end defun, end Gig, good night!
  2. Hi,

    I'm a hardware guy. Just show me where to plug it in and turn it on. :p

    Still, it looks like if you made any money at all without playing Mustang Sally, you had a good gig. ;)

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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    Jun 7, 2002
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    >>>print cash_actual

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  4. Tried the beta, some UAT feedback indicates the following is required

    For mustang_sally-flag:
    i) Audience member sits in at insistence of club owner or function organizer

    ;;;"Oh you’re the Bass player? Can you introduce me and my friend to the singer?"
    (setq beer_quantity (+ 4 bourbon_quantity))

    ;;;"Oh you’re the Bass player? Can you introduce me and my friend to the drummer?"
    (setq beer_quantity (+ 8 bourbon_quantity))
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