Gig report 6/4 - The Frantic Double Header

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  1. It's not often that you get this much work in one day, but sometimes the stars align and you can actually pull it off. I had to ditch work quite a bit early (don't tell anyone) and have my girlfriend jiggle my mouse and log me out after I had left. The things we do for our art, right?

    Gig#1 was a private party up in Park City, Utah. Park City is about a 30 minute drive up into the mountains from Salt Lake City and is a gorgeous ski town. We were hired by a contact of ours that does what they call the "Door 2 Door Tour". Essentially, they hire bands for private parties and other events and provide the audio setup and stage via a trailer which looks like this:

    The gig itself was...ok. The partygoers were enjoying their dinner and conversations, so we were relegated to what amounted to background music, but they were very complimentary and appreciative as we were packing up so I'll take it. How about one more photo of me looking very bored? At least we had umbrellas to keep us cool from the sun!

    This gig ended at 8:30 (in spite of a request for one more song because NOW they were ready to dance ) because we had to quickly break down and get to downtown SLC for our second gig of the night. Downbeat was at 10, so that gave us 30 minutes to pack up, 30 minutes to drive down the mountain, and 30 minutes to set up and sound check at the bar. Easy enough.

    Our drummer and keyboard player had the foresight to set up earlier in the day so load-in was easy. Also, our band plays on IEMs so I don't have to pack an amp which makes my life super easy. Parking was not fun as it was Pride weekend but after finally finding a spot and loading in, we got to work.

    The bar was surprisingly empty for a Friday night as we started our first set, but it quickly filled up and the dance floor was packed all night. Surely all of them are vaccinated, right? Right?? Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos from this gig, but here's one from another night at the same place to give you an idea of what it looks like:

    The highlight of my night was that I just recently started taking bass lessons and my teacher was able to make it out to hear me play! We even had him come up on and play a tune! I'm sure we'll have lots to go over in our lesson tomorrow.

    At the end of the night, with sore muscles and full tip jars, I curled up in bed and slept very soundly.
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    What a view !
  3. Park City is really gorgeous. Lots of money in that town because it's expensive to live there though.
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  4. BassCliff


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    Hi @droo46,

    Wow! A double! I'm getting to old for those but I think we have one later this summer. Good for you! You gotta gig while the giggin's good. :D

    Yes, IEMs and DI boxes are a Godsend. Yay band!

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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  5. Close time window but sounds like it went off without a hitch.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Oh those double gig days. Been on plenty of my younger days. It's lots of work but it sure beats a stick in the eye!

    Thanks, for sharing.
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  7. Awesome double gig report! Love it! My son used to live in Sandy and then Cedar Fort, so I'm familiar with the area and certainly Park City. Cool stuff, amazing that your instructor got to hear you play. Yeah, I'm sure that'll be an interesting "next lesson". Make sure to report on that! :laugh:
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  8. Looks like you had a couple good gigs, I had a double on Saturday and had about 30 minutes in between to stop home and change my clothes, shower and eat. That was part of 4 shows this past weekend and 4 shows the previous weekend and a total of 14 shows in the past four weeks. No practice this week and just 2 shows this upcoming weekend.
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  9. Oh wow, that sounds crazy! Things are really picking up and that's really exciting! What sorts of gigs have you been doing?
  10. We are 5 piece classic rock in Sebring, FL. Friday we did Earl's Hideaway outdoor beach bar near the coast in Sebastian. Saturday midday we played two hours outside the shopping mall in sebring for the newspaper I work for, which was having a hurricane prep event in the mall. Saturday evening we played at a restaurant/lounge at a golf community just east of Sebring. Sunday afternoon we were outside at a VFW in Okeechobee. Last weekend we finished up our once a month (3 day weekend) seasonal gig at Roland Martin's in Clewiston. A lot of lodging and fishing guides for fishing on the big lake. We play in a large tiki bar restaurant. Last Monday (memorial day) we did our first gig at another VFW in Okeechobee. The upcoming weekend we play Friday at a small Eagles club in Okeechobee and on Saturday we play outside at J & S Fish Camp on the otherside of the town of Okeechobee. A lot of bikers stop in. One time a biker/musician by the name of Bruce Springsteen stopped in for a couple of Coronas, but that was before we started playing there. Then the next weekend we are in Winter Haven at a place called Tanner's, an indoor restaurant with a large pavilion behind it with a large stage. It will be our second time there and the following Saturday we will be at a new RV park east of Lake Wales (Indian Lake Estates) . We had a couple of weather related cancellations there, so it will be our first gig there.
    Our drummer books most of the shows. But the female lead singer and one of the guitar players handle a couple of venues. Now you know why I got a Rumble 100 a couple years ago. We are busy and I let the PA handle it.
    Photo is from Friday at Earl's Hideaway.
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  11. So I had my lesson last night and got some feedback from my teacher. Largely very positive. He said he hadn't had that much fun at a gig in years and the drummer and I were very in sync with each other. As far as technical issues, he said that I was consistent player in that I played the same at lessons as I did live which is good.

    His biggest critique for me was my poker face. I tend to make a face when I make minor mistakes, which is definitely something I need to work on. One of the things we've been working on is just having a lot of self awareness about yourself. Knowing exactly where you fret notes, where you're holding tension, and then being present enough to correct those things.
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    Sounds like a great day! Congrats on two successful gigs. You definitely look the part up there. I am guessing you play a Classic Rock/Top 40/Southern Rock mix.
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  13. That's a good report! Yeah, I hear ya' on the poker face thing. I remember back in my gigging days, if you made a mistake (which you will, there's no way around it) just act like nothing happened. The trick is, the rest of the band also needs to act like nothing happened. :roflmao:
    Thanks for the update! Keep having fun! :thumbsup:
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    two gigs in one day = fabulous! and those mountains make a beautiful background, too. glad things were OK by way of your teacher --- thanks for sharing your gig experience with us! :thumbsup:

    your GF "jiggling" your mouse was a nice 'touch' --- but remember: there are kids on the forum! just sayin'. :laugh:
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